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Fachhochschule Dortmund


Dortmund Applied Research and Transfer

DART Symposium


Different worlds – and many points of connection. Young researchers from various fields of applied sciences and arts are invited to try out new ways of science communication. At the interface between a live event at a museum and Virtual Reality spaces, participants will experience the potential of hybrid conferences.

What skills will scientists need in the future? What role does communication play within academia? And why is it crucial to make one’s own findings accessible to the public? Experts will provide impulses in the form of keynote speeches, engage in panel discussions, and then clear the stage for doctoral students who will show new and innovative ways to present their research.

The hybrid conference will take place in Dortmund and online on the Virtual Reality platform Mozilla Hubs. By participating digitally, you can be part of the symposium from everywhere with internet access. And you even have the opportunity for proper networking, as you can meet up with the avatars of other participants.


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