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Living internationality - Studying abroad

Living internationality - Studying abroad

Due to the steadily advancing globalization of the job market and increasing international challenges, the realms of experience and action relevant to social work can no longer be understood as a nationally limited entity. They are increasingly defined by global issues and consequently form the basis for the internationalization of social work.

The German sociologist, Ludger Pries, already mentioned the "transnationalization of the social world" and "social spaces beyond national societies" in 2007. Topics such as migration and flight, segregation by poverty, demographic change, and social sustainability are increasingly discussed in an international context and are also becoming more important for students in our faculty. The transgression of limits regarding social issues is also noticeable in higher education and is, most recently, leading to an increased demand for contacts abroad, such as study stays, semesters abroad, or internships.

That is why the Faculty of Applied Social Studies has been implementing its own internationalization strategy since 2018. The main goals of our faculty are:

  • Increasing international student mobility
  • A stronger emphasis on international cooperation and networking in the areas of studies, teaching and research
  • More systematic interlinking of existing offers for studies abroad
  • Supporting and supervising students during their planning phase of semesters and internships abroad
  • Expanding the network of existing university collaborations with international universities

Studying abroad shapes you for life. Long-term effects of experiences abroad, such as personal, professional or intercultural skills are essential, especially for the work of future social workers. Our faculty offers information events or personal consultation hours on a regular basis, which are designed to help students plan their first steps when going abroad, with the support of the International Office:

  • Which is the best semester to go abroad?
  • Which country is right for me?
  • When are the application deadlines?
  • Will I receive financial support?
  • How can my graded coursework from abroad be recognized at Fachhochschule Dortmund?

Would you also like to gain international experiences during your studies? Broaden your horizons, obtain new perspectives and shape your future at one of our partner universities in Europe, Australia or Africa that help you look beyond your own cultural horizon?

Do not hesitate to write us - we are here to help you!

Internationalization Officer

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Beril Koetz, M.A.
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