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Apply for a place at the FH

Before you can enrol, you must apply to study at Fachhochschule Dortmund and register in our study place portal.

Your study place application

  • You must go through an application procedure for Bachelor's and Master's degree programs with restricted admission. Places are allocated after the application deadline.

  • For study programs without admission restrictions, please register on the Fachhochschule Dortmund's study place portal(Opens in a new tab) , where you will then receive a letter of admission shortly afterwards. Please note that participation in the aptitude assessment procedure(Opens in a new tab)  is required for the Design study programs. The Bachelor of Architecture also carries out an aptitude (Opens in a new tab) assessment.

How to apply:

Further information on the application

Lottery procedure for degree programs with admission restrictions

If there are still unfilled study places in degree programs with restricted admission after completion of the allocation procedure, these are allocated by lottery.

Allocation of remaining places for open-admission degree programs

Enrolment is only possible if there are still places available at the time of processing by the Office for Student Affairs and if all admission requirements for the respective study program are met.

If you are interested, you can register for a free study place in our study place portal(Opens in a new tab) . If a study program cannot be found in the selection, there are no free places available.

Application for guest and secondary membership

Application for a second degree

Anyone who has already completed a course of study at a German university and would like to pursue a second course of study for specific reasons - whether professional or academic - can only be admitted within the framework of a special quota of three percent.

Still have questions about applying?

Our Office for Student Affairs will be happy to help you with any uncertainties and questions regarding your application. Find out more now!

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