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The Nordstadtgalerie connects academic life at Fachhochschule Dortmund with society and the local people in the north of Dortmund. It creatively implements important topics of the district and the university of applied sciences in high-profile events.

As a permeable membrane on both sides, the Nordstadtgalerie serves as a showcase for the university and the first meeting point for people interested in higher education, as well as a source of inspiration and inspiration for the social responsibility of Fachhochschule Dortmund.

Showcase for the university

The central location of the Nordstadtgalerie on Bornstraße, one of the most important north-south arteries in Dortmund, which leads directly into the heart of the city center, promises a high frequency of passers-by, passing cars and thus also visitors.

By translating learning content and results from the various faculties and study programs into high-profile exhibition and event concepts, the accessibility of academic work and the participation of the general public in research and teaching will be strengthened. This breaks down the external perception of the university as a closed society.

Giver and taker of impulses

On the one hand, the Nordstadtgalerie gives impulses to the district by providing low-threshold insights into the university and trying to make science tangible for everyone. On the other hand, it takes up impulses from urban society, brings them into the Fachhochschule Dortmund and thus offers the opportunity to incorporate current social issues into teaching and research.

By taking up and processing these ideas, theory is linked to practice and connections and mutual recognition between the university and society are created or strengthened.

Interdisciplinary cooperation

As the common denominator of the diverse commitment of the entire university, the Nordstadtgalerie enables a joint exchange with society and promotes interdisciplinary cooperation. To this end, the Nordstadtgalerie has established itself as a permanent institution in Dortmund's urban scene and especially in the north of Dortmund and maintains contacts, memberships and relationships with the various players in Dortmund's urban scene. The networking of different groups, interests, perspectives and skills creates a balanced thematic diversity of meaningful projects. The overarching events and projects can open up new paths and opportunities for both the UAS and the (northern) city.

Program formats of the Nordstadtgalerie

Contact us

The opening hours depend on the planned events. Appointments are made by arrangement. Please send inquiries about press information, events and cooperations by e-mail to: nordstadtgaleriefh-dortmundde 

The Nordstadtgalerie team introduces itself

Address of the Nordstadtgalerie

Bornstraße 142 (ground floor right)

44145 Dortmund


  • Subway: U42 and U46 to the stop Brunnenstraße
  • Bus: 445 and 456 to the bus stop Brunnenstraße
  • Car: Parking is available in the surrounding side streets

Further information and event information

Notes and references

Photo credits

  • Student assistants on behalf of Stefanie Braunstein
  • Celine Rolle 2016 | Student assistant on behalf of Stefanie Braunstein

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