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Fachhochschule Dortmund


Accessible route to Campus Sonnenstraße (SON) of Fachhochschule Dortmund

Address Campus Sonnenstraße (SON)

Sonnenstraße 96-100
44129 Dortmund

Porter’s loge (Pforte): +49 (0231) 9112 9399

General accessibility information on Campus Sonnenstraße (SON)

  • Some of the buildings on Campus Sonnenstraße are historic and with limited accessibility.

  • The main entrance and the central info point/porter’s lodge are located in building section A. The main entrance can be accessed only via stairs.

  • Stepless access to the central info point/porter’s lodge is possible via the "Neuer Graben" entrance. This entrance also has an automatic door system.

  • There are elevators in all buildings, without audio output.

  • In the inner courtyard, an outdoor elevator provides access to building section B.

  • The buildings are only partially equipped with automatic door sensors.

  • Accessible bathrooms can be used with European toilet keys.

  • Take the subway U-Bahn via the central station Dortmund Hauptbahnhof.

Accessibility information for blind and vision impaired persons on Campus Sonnenstraße (SON)

  • The rooms on Campus SON are labeled in Braille.

  • There is no tactile guidance and orientation system inside and outside of the buildings.

  • The elevators have no audio output.

Traveling by train via Dortmund Hauptbahnhof

Dortmund’s central station is still being renovated until 2024. Currently (2022), not all platforms are accessible. Information on accessibility can be found on the station website of the national railway company Deutsche Bahn.

Traveling by commuter train S-Bahn

Traveling by commuter train S-Bahn for blind and vision impaired persons

Traveling by car

Campus Sonnenstraße (SON) is located in the immediate vicinity of the through road Bundesstraße 1 (B1). The B1 can be reached via the highways A1, A44 and A45.

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