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Institute for Communication Technology (IKT)


The Institute for Communication Technology Fachhochschule Dortmund

The Institute for Communication Technology (IKT) was founded in 2001 based on the decision of the Fachhochschule Dortmund Senate. It is part of the competence platform "Communication Technology and Applied Signal Processing", CAS North Rhine-Westphalia and is involved in research and teaching at the Ruhr Master School of Applied Sciences.

The ICT works on the science behind digital life in interdisciplinary research projects with a view to intelligent services and autonomous systems in the areas of smart home / smart city with intelligent data pre-processing and aggregation using digital signal processing algorithms.

In current projects and on the basis of existing expertise and networks, ICT focuses on the following subject areas

  • Development of distributed communication systems for the realization of open, Internet-based, generic data exchange and service platforms for the intelligent networking of automated autonomous residential and functional buildings into so-called "Connected-Autonomic-Locations"
  • Data analytics for the development of basic services (e.g. location base services) in the field of building automation, energy information systems and for predictive maintenance applications
  • Linked open data mechanisms for increasing the interoperability of networked building automation systems in smart homes and smart buildings
  • Description of sensors, actuators and services using semantic data models and ontologies
  • Concepts and components for distributed IoT systems taking into account "security by design" principles
  • Concepts and prototypical implementations of microservice architectures for cyber-physical platforms
  • Identification of standardization potentials and the development of standardization proposals in the smart home and smart building in cooperation with national and international standardization committees
  • Web-based interfaces, portals and services for ICT-based IoT systems and networks

Currently, 6 professors, 13 research assistants and numerous assistants are working on these topics in various research projects at IKT.

The IKT supports the Bachelor's degree programs "Digital Technologies" and "Information and Communication Technology" as well as the Master's degree program "Information and Electrical Engineering". Students have the opportunity to work on topics from current R&D projects as part of projects and theses.

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