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Chassis and steering team

Team description

Our team currently consists of ten BA engineers who are completing a Master's degree as part of their qualification extension and support the project through their various specializations. The chassis and steering team is supervised by Dipl.-Ing. Stephan Gottlieb.

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What has been achieved so far?

A double wishbone axle was designed for the Nuevo 35. The Adams Car software was used to check the wheel lift kinematics of the front axle. In addition, the arrangement of spring-damper element and bellcrank of the pushrod suspension proposed in the previous semester was validated.
In the steering work package, the concept of steer-by-wire steering was further developed. This concept brings with it many new challenges that need to be considered in detail.
Furthermore, the design of the brake has progressed. There is now a brake disk and a suitable brake caliper, both of which have been designed independently by the students.
In addition, the developed wishbone, which also connects the spring-damper element with the wheel suspension, has been simulated using an FEM analysis. After analysing the FEM simulation, the wishbone was optimized accordingly so that stress peaks could be avoided as far as possible and weight could be saved.
In addition, various design adjustments were made that had not previously been carried out or that had become necessary due to other changes.

Responsible mentor

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