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Cooperation in the dual study program Computer Science

The Fachhochschule Dortmund's Computer Science Dual study program cooperates closely with regional companies from a wide range of industries and public administrations.

Cooperation in the Computer Science Dual study program...

...are an interplay between the Fachhochschule Dortmund (in the Faculty of Computer Science), regional companies and public administrations (cooperation partners), the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) and students majoring in Computer Science.

Summary of figures and data

  • over 120 regional cooperation partners
  • More than 350 dual students
  • Average study time of approx. 9 semesters
  • Highest graduation rate in standard period of study in the faculty
  • Software Engineering specialization since 2010
  • Specialization in systems engineering since 2015
  • IHK specialization "Digital Networking" since 2022

Dual is Dual because...

Each dual study program uses an independent form to map its structures and content.

Computer Science Dual...

...is in the form of an apprenticeship-integrated study program with a double qualification through an IHK apprenticeship.

General information about the study program

Chamber of Commerce and Industry

In the training-integrated form, the training occupation is taught in the fields of

  • application development or
  • system integration or
  • digital networking

in conjunction with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Structure in the Faculty of Computer Science

Each dual study program uses a form (e.g. training-integrated, practice-integrated, work-integrated or part-time) to reflect its dual content and structures. The Computer Science Dual study program offers the training-integrated form in nine semesters. In the training-integrated form, this is a dual-qualification study program that includes an IHK apprenticeship (IT specialist in application development, system integration or digital networking).

Prof. Dr. Stephan Recker(Opens in a new tab)  (head of the study program with a focus on network technology and system integration) and Prof. Dr. Sabine Sachweh(Opens in a new tab)  (deputy head of the study program with a focus on software technology) are the professors in charge of the dual study program in computer science (SNS for short).

Mr. Stefan Mehlich-Berwald(Opens in a new tab)  is the coordinator of the dual study program.

In the SNS dual study program, operational cooperation is handled by the SNS office. This organizing and advisory unit of the SNS study program is positioned at the Faculty of Computer Science. Information and services are available to companies and prospective students in the target groups.

Development of the study program concept

  • Start in winter semester 2010/2011 as Software Engineering dual (discontinued)
  • Start in winter semester 2015/2016 as Software and Systems Engineering (no more new enrolments)
  • Start in winter semester 2022/2023 as Computer Science Dual (current study program)

Target groups

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