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M. Sc. FACT - specialization in Accounting & Taxation

What is it all about?

The increasing complexity in the financial and quantitative management and planning of companies presents accounting staff and their tax advisors with exciting challenges on a daily basis. The world is in a dynamic environment of external influences such as political decisions, pandemics and Business Studies crises. Highly qualified university graduates who have a clearly quantitative qualification profile and are able to deal with current challenges in a structured manner are therefore in demand. The Accounting & Taxation stream of the Master's degree program in Finance, Accounting, Controlling, Taxation offers a targeted education that is geared towards the current requirements of the industry. Constant changes in accounting and tax laws continuously present legal entities and individuals with new challenges. In addition, the treatment of big data, globalization and digitalization, for example in the form of new software solutions and artificial intelligence, do not stop at this industry. The Accounting & Taxation stream prepares students for precisely these requirements of constant change. The practical application of guidelines, laws and recommendations are urgently needed skills that are in demand on today's job market.

Graduates of the Accounting & Taxation stream have a well-rounded portfolio of knowledge that enables them to meet the demands of the industry. They are able to develop economic solutions for companies, associations or authorities. They know which tax law measures are best used and how accounting is also applied under international standards.

In addition to possible employment in medium-sized tax consulting firms or in the accounting department of medium-sized companies, you will be able to work in large and internationally operating groups as well as in auditing and tax consulting firms. If you would like to work as an accountant, tax manager or tax consultant, auditor or take on a qualified role in accounting, this stream is ideal for you.

The Accounting & Taxation stream teaches this specialist content:

In-depth knowledge of the taxation of partnerships and corporations. Furthermore, the choice of the tax-optimized legal form and the basic principles of taxation of transformation processes are also covered.

IFRS accounting compared to HGB accounting, theoretical principles and individual issues of external accounting as well as equity accounting and preparation of a cash flow statement.

In-depth knowledge of national and international accounting, including group accounting. This includes, for example, the accounting of financial instruments, leasing contracts and sales revenue as well as special problems of group accounting.

In-depth knowledge of national and international VAT law. This includes, among other things, special features of VAT within a group, partnerships or permanent establishments and input tax correction in accordance with Section 15a UStG.

Fundamentals of company law and IT law.

Basic regulations on the taxation procedure and the legal action procedure as well as the analysis of judgments from tax case law.

International Accounting

Treatment of taxation in an international environment, cross-border activities, double taxation agreements and transfer pricing management in multinational companies.

The Accounting & Taxation stream is unique because:

  • ...the stream teaches application-oriented and practice-relevant content that is also highly relevant in an international environment and thus offers a qualified education that meets the requirements of today's labor market.
  • ...the addition of quantitative content, particularly from the area of controlling & digitalization, results in a well-rounded profile that includes comprehensive knowledge of data analysis in management accounting and BI-supported controlling.
  • ...current topics and project-oriented case studies are modularly anchored in the course of study, thus ensuring the continuous integration of new trends into the program.
  • ...in addition to the specialization in "Accounting & Taxation", which qualifies students for a position in tax consulting or auditing, students also acquire a broad range of knowledge from all areas of finance, which can lay the foundation for a possible career in financial management up to Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

The course content and curriculum of the Accounting & Taxation stream are designed as follows:

The following compulsory modules must be taken in the Accounting & Taxation stream in the three-semester study variant:

1st semester 2nd semester 3rd semester
Advanced Accounting

Special problems of national & international accounting

Thesis & colloquium
Corporate and IT law Tax Management II (AO and jurisdiction analysis & taxation and choice of legal form)
Tax Management I (VAT & Corporate Tax) International Taxation & Accounting

In the four-semester course variant, the first and second semesters are identical to the three-semester course variant. The third semester includes a practical semester or a semester abroad. The thesis and colloquium follow in the fourth semester.

The compulsory elective modules/electives can be chosen from the following range:

1st semester 2nd semester
Elective A Entrepreneurship and M&A
Financial Management Corporate Governance
Cost Management Options, Futures & Other Derivatives
Elective B Risk Modeling Workshop
Macroeconomics and Finance Financial Market Regulation
Value-oriented corporate management Quantitative Instruments in Insurance & Risk Management
Auditing Computational Finance
Insurance & Corporate Risk Management Business Intelligence-supported Controlling
Quantitative Methods Data Analytics for Management Accounting
Current topic Project-oriented studies
Current topic

In the first semester, students must choose one "Elective A" and one "Elective B". In the second semester, two electives must be chosen from the listed options.

Who does it suit?

Anyone wishing to study this stream must have:

A Bachelor's degree in finance, business administration, economics, business studies, economics or similar, with at least 75% of the Bachelor's degree being in economics.

Who has a degree in this study program and this stream,

  • is in good hands in group accounting, the tax department of a company, auditing and tax consultancy.
  • works for international corporations, medium-sized companies, small and medium-sized tax firms, in auditing or tax consulting at one of the Big 4.
  • is aiming for a career in senior financial management with the ultimate goal of becoming a CFO.
  • is studying for a doctorate, for example in cooperation with Fachhochschule Dortmund.

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