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»one country two images«


Top left to bottum: Pierfrancisco Celeda, South Ho Siu Nam, Volker Heinze

»one country two images«

The exhibition »one country—two images« presents ten  divergent photographic and graphic positions from and about Hong Kong. Beside the journalistic and documentary photographic works the exhibition shows also perspectives of staged and art photography. Photographic works from and about Hong Kong are little known in Europe. This exhibition aims to  highlight the independence and the visual and cultural peculiarities of the photographic positions from and about Hong Kong and will offer an appropriate environment. Flanked by quotations, which attempt to describe and support the cultural context and the special identity. In addition, the exhibition presents 29 unique photo- and artist-books from and about Hong Kong.

11 December 2021 - 23 January 2022
(closed from 23 Dec. 2021 to 5 Jan. 2022)

Pierfrancesco Celada
Volker Heinze
Sabine an Huef
Marc Pearson
South Ho Siu Nam
Roman Wilhelm
Michael Wolf
Paul Yeung
Vincent Yu

Concept and organization: Sabine an Huef, Theresa Donay, Bianca Reimann

Images of works: © the artists  

Kindly supported by: Kulturbüro Dortmund, Sparkasse Dortmund, DEW21

Supported by the program "Förderung der Internationalisierung von Studium und Lehre der Fachhochschule Dortmund".

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