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The social-philosophical salon: Summer Salon 2024


Every semester, Ute Fischer(Opens in a new tab) , Stefanie Rosenmüller(Opens in a new tab)  and Harald Rüßler(Opens in a new tab)  invite you to the social-philosophical salon. The social-philosophical salon brings together all disciplines of social work, including philosophy, for a joint exchange and discussion.

Online lecture

Prof. Dr. Hauke Brunkhorst(Opens in a new tab)  (Europa-Universität Flensburg) will give an online lecture on the topic of Solidarity in Conflict - From Late Antiquity to Global Society.

Many people are worried

Many are worried. The armed conflicts around Germany and Europe are increasing, their horror is shocking and leaves many unsure and at a loss. We ask with our speaker: Where is the global order of the world heading?

Both Kant's peace utopia of global citizenship and Marx's idea of a social world revolution were based on the possibility of restricting violence or rule through laws and constitutions. But even today, international law and international criminal law can only structure feud and war, not really prevent them.

The struggle for power and justice in Europe and in the northern hemisphere of Afro-Asia had its roots in imperial monotheism, but great legal revolutions also took place in its wake.

How and what can solidarity among strangers learn from history and from the paradoxes and tragedies of modernity? With 'Solidarity in Conflict', we venture an outlook on theory and practice.

We look forward to lively participation.


Ute Fischer, Stefanie Rosenmüller and Harald Rüßler


Emil-Figge-Straße 44, R. 335

Online participation is also possible (access information in the right-hand column)

Notes and references

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