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Extended Reality (XR)-Toolbox für die AR/VR-Lehre

Fast facts

  • Internal authorship

  • Publishment

    • 2023
  • Anthology

    Extended Reality (XR)-Toolbox für die AR/VR-Lehre

  • Type of research service

    Scientific lecture

  • Organizational unit

  • Subjects

    • Computer science in general
    • Ingenieurinformatik/Technische Informatik
    • Communication and information technology
  • Publication format

    Other research performance


Lehn, Karsten 2023. Extended Reality (XR)-Toolbox für die AR/VR-Lehre.


Extended Reality (XR) toolbox for VR/AR teaching
Karsten Lehn, Fachhochschule Dortmund, Faculty of Information Technology

The XR toolbox developed as part of this project contains textual instructions, videos and fully developed VR/AR applications. This makes it possible to demonstrate the basic principles and selected perceptual effects for the development of VR/AR applications. The applications can also be used for your own student projects.

The XR-Toolbox is used in a specially designed course on the basics of developing VR/AR applications. The didactic concept focuses on the experience-oriented and project-oriented teaching of the course content. The results of the accompanying evaluation of the project, insights into selected VR/AR applications and the experience gained in teaching will be presented.


Augmented reality

Virtual Reality

Extended Reality




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