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Individual environmental action and climate protection (IndUK)

Integration of results and transdisciplinary utilization of findings from SÖF research on the social dimensions of climate protection and climate change

Fast facts

  • Internal authorship

  • Further publishers

    • Andreas Ernst
    • Klaus Rennings
    • Immanuel Stieß
    • Ramón Briegel
    • Martin David
    • Michael Kunkis
    • Martina Nieß
    • Esther Schietinger
  • Publishment

    • Kassel: Kassel University Press 2016
  • Anthology

    Individuelles Umwelthandeln und Klimaschutz (IndUK)

  • Journal


  • Organizational unit

  • Subjects

    • Environmental protection
  • Publication format

    Monograph (Other document type)


Ernst, Andreas et al. 2016. Individual environmental action and climate protection (IndUK). Kassel: Kassel University Press.

Notes and references

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