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Digitaler Infusionsrechner mit additionaler Lernplattform

Digitaler Infusionsrechner mit additionaler Lernplattform rund um das Thema Infusion

Fast facts

About the project

Running time:

Summer semester 2021

Students involved in the project

Madlen Bernards
Oliver Butzke
Christina Gawlick
Niklas Burczyk

Brief summary of the project content

As part of the "Programming 2" course, we dealt with software programming in Java. To this end, we developed a project that we will present in more detail below.

This project is based on the question of how the everyday life of nursing staff and trainees in this profession can be made easier. In everyday nursing or therapeutic medicine, a wide variety of infusions have to be administered every day. For this purpose, various calculations for the infusion are laboriously calculated by hand and so we decided to write a program in which the different calculations are integrated into individual computers in an orderly manner. On the one hand, this makes everyday life easier for the nursing staff, and on the other hand, this step reduces sources of error and minimizes the risk of miscalculation. This is particularly important in order to protect the patient from a possible incorrectly dosed infusion. However, the program is not only intended to play a role in the everyday work of nursing staff, but also to support trainees in the relevant professions in their learning. This is achieved by means of an integrated learning platform which, thanks to its structured and appealing presentation, is not only helpful for learning different types of infusion and their use, but can also play an important role in everyday life by explaining various terms.

The knowledge acquired in the learning platform or as part of a training course can be tested in an integrated game. This learning game consists of various questions that can be answered like a quiz. Once all the questions have been answered, the user receives feedback on how many of the answers given were correct. In this way, learning success or possible knowledge deficits can be highlighted.

The project is based on a digital infusion calculator, which can also be used for training purposes. Several calculators are integrated into this application, which can be used to solve a wide variety of infusion calculations with individual values. The calculation can be displayed in detail.

To realize this, we have used the information from the lecture "Programming 2", such as the MVC principle. This way of dividing up the program provides a better overview and makes it easier to correct and extend the program. We were able to implement and deepen the learning content in our project work.

The video "Digital infusion calculator with additional learning platform on the subject of infusion (German)" provided here cannot be displayed.

Notes and references

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