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Fresh look for Mäck Mode


From left: Ayhan Kaya, Dirk Lünenschloß and Claudia Wiemann (all Hattingen Arbeit + Zukunft) have the design for the new look of the social department store explained to them by FH students Alisha Leifels and Laura Stulgyte.

Dirk Lünenschloß is delighted. Thanks to a collaboration with the design department at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts, the managing director of the non-profit association Hattingen Arbeit + Zukunft (HAZ) has been given a modern, new look for parts of the association's own social department store. Eight student teams submitted their ideas. The decision was not only difficult for the client.

"Our seminar was literally overrun," says Martin Middelhauve, Professor of Object and Interior Design at Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts. "Sustainability and social commitment are topics that our students are interested in." The "Work.Future.Fashion" competition fits the bill. The task: to reinvent the textile department of the Hattingen social department store "Mäck Möbel". "As a non-profit association, we don't have the resources to tear everything out and redo it," says Dirk Lünenschloß. The budget was limited. But there was a promise: The best design would be implemented together with the winning team. "Teaching could hardly be closer to practice," says Prof. Middelhauve.

The students spent a semester working intensively on the building and the salesroom, visiting Hattingen several times. "There are so many ideas, so much inspiration," praises Claudia Wiemann, Head of Department for Employment Projects at HAZ. Ayhan Kaya, sales manager at the social department store, is also impressed: "All the designs are very mature." But in the end, a winner was needed. The jury chose the work of Alisha Leifels and Laura Stulgyte.

The jury was impressed by the ideas of Alisha Leifels and Laura Stulgyte. They will now redesign an area in the social shop together with the Hattingen Arbeit + Zukunft association.

Winning design puts fashion in the foreground

The design by the two design students uses bold, dark colors and, at first glance, surprisingly inconspicuous sales furniture. "We want to put the fashion in the foreground," explains Laura Stulgyte. Second-hand fashion is characterized by a colourful mix. The winning design gives this mix an orderly framework. "At the same time, we use the eye-catchers that are there - such as the mighty green steel girders and the ventilation," says Alisha Leifels. This underlines the personality of the location.

"The overall concept fits with this work," praises Dirk Lünenschloß. From the logo to the color scheme to the feasibility. "The students also provided graphic concepts for price tags and advertising materials. That was convincing overall." The design is characterized by a high degree of flexibility, adds Claudia Wiemann. The sales area can be rearranged again and again within the concept.

For the two students, their work is not yet done with the final in the competition. Now it's time for implementation on site. The textile area in the Hattingen social department store is set to shine in its new design in 2023.

Members of the jury

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  • Fachhochschule Dortmund | Benedikt Reichel
  • Alisha Leifels / Laura Stulgyte

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