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Campus Honey - Anniversary Edition

Just in time for the start of the FH Dortmund anniversary, the bees return from the meadows around the campus on Emil-Figge-Straße and deliver the harvest. The anniversary edition of the popular campus honey will be available in the store from the beginning of August.

In May, the bees returned to the Emil-Figge-Straße campus and took up residence between the architecture and computer science departments. Now they are back with beekeeper David Tews and have brought campus honey for more than 300 jars. The anniversary edition is available here in the FH Dortmund store(Opens in a new tab) .

"Honey used to be considered medicine," says beekeeper David Tews. The 46-year-old is a member of the Aplerbeck Beekeepers' Association and is always checking on the bees on campus. "If you look in the 150-year-old lists of beekeeping associations, you'll find doctors, pharmacists and principals. These people kept bees and used the honey to treat wounds or to feed weak children, among other things." Thanks to the more than 500 ingredients in honey, beehives are considered "nature's pharmacies".

Local honey: the feeling of coming home

The FH-Campus honey is already in its second year and experience shows: The bees can't quite meet the demand. Most recently, the honey was sold out within a few weeks.

Local honey is something special again, says beekeeper David Tews. Because enjoying such honey is the taste equivalent of the feeling of coming home. Because the bees collect the nectar and pollen where you live, the ingredients are familiar to your body. This familiarity enhances the taste experience in a unique way.

Fachhochschule Dortmund is a supporter of the Aplerbeck Beekeepers' Association and has taken on sponsorships for bee colonies. With a more ecological campus, it is making a contribution to sustainability and assuming social responsibility.

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  • VISUS Health IT GmbH
  • Fachhochschule Dortmund | Stefanie Detscher

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