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New "Future Campus" project launched


Kick-off for the "Future Campus": Olesja Mouelhi-Ort (back, left), Managing Director of the Dortmund Chamber of Skilled Crafts, and Prof. Dr. Tamara Appel (back, right), Vice-Rector for Teaching and Studies, with project team members Adnan Kurspahic and Yulia Stevenson

The Dortmund Chamber of Skilled Crafts (HWK) and Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts have launched the joint project "Future Campus - Education Centers of Tomorrow".

The aim of the project is to interlink the learning locations of vocational training with universities in a new campus situation in order to promote the exchange and transfer of knowledge between academic and vocational training. With the help of this dovetailing, the attractiveness of dual training should also be increased structurally, career paths in higher vocational education established and skilled workers recruited.

One project position is attached to the Chamber of Skilled Crafts and one to the University of Applied Sciences. The project office is located at the Chamber of Skilled Crafts. The office has the task of investigating the content profile of the future campus and how it should be developed, implemented and financed.

EU funding for feasibility study

In July 2022, the Arnsberg district government presented the Dortmund Chamber of Skilled Crafts with a grant of 134,698 euros from EU funds for a feasibility study on the "Future Campus Ruhr - Training Centers of Tomorrow" in Dortmund. The funding from the European Social Fund (ESF) and the REACT-EU initiative was selected for implementation in connection with the Ruhr Conference.

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