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Since October 2020, the RICOH Pro7200X digital printing press has added another area to the range of products offered by the graphic arts workshops. With dry toner technology, it can print on a wide range of media with grammages from 55-350g/sqm. In addition, the special colors white and clear are available, which can also be used to print and finish colored paper. The workshop staff are on hand to advise students on how best to implement print projects on site. The print data is checked and can be imposed via prepress so that finished print sheets for books are produced to the highest standard. Everything up to 330 x 480 mm [max. print area: 320 x 460 mm] is possible in format, but banners up to 330 x 700 mm [duplex] and 330 x 1200 [simplex] can also be printed. Please also note the maximum printable area. Papers (up to 15 sheets at 80g/sqm) can also be folded, stapled or punched.

Students also have access to the Risograph MZ 1070E in this workshop, which can be used to print supervised student projects. Open uncoated papers in formats up to DIN A3 and up to a grammage of 250g/sqm are suitable for this purpose. The current color selection includes: Red, gold, yellow, green, blue, black, fluo pink and fluo orange. Two colors can be printed at the same time.

For large-format prints, the Canon GP-300 complements the digital printing workshop's range. Here, formats up to DIN A0 can be printed on selected materials. The following materials are available: Architectural paper, poster paper, adhesive paper, film, synthetic paper and linen material.


  • RICOH Pro7200X digital printing machine (dry toner)
  • Riso MZ1070E
  • Canon imagePROGRAF GP-300

Service & Offer

Digital printing

If required, the printing machine is available to students for prints of all kinds.

Please contact us in advance:



Digital printing

If required, the various printing machines are available to students for prints of all kinds.
Please contact us in advance to arrange an appointment:


Proofs and test prints are charged. Payment is exclusively cashless. Prices depend on the printing process and choice of paper. You can also bring your own paper for the digital printing machine as long as it is technically suitable.


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