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User Innovation Center



The premises

The User Innovation Center offers various rooms that invite creative work and can be used for numerous types of events.

Anything but conventional

At the heart of the UIC is the , where creative and collaborative work is carried out in larger groups, but where events can also be held in a relaxed atmosphere. With the Interaction Lounge and the Inspiration Room, there are two further rooms that function both as a source of inspiration and for the implementation of innovations.

Additional multifunctional and meeting rooms offer a retreat for a quiet working atmosphere in smaller groups.

The interior is characterized by modernity, creativity, innovation and well thought-out functionality and stands out from conventional office spaces.

I³ (Information, Innovation, Interaction)

The group workroom I³

On 128 square meters, the I³ offers a variety of differently combinable seating and equipment for creative work. The I³ is designed as a group workspace and thus promotes communication and collaboration in groups as well as knowledge transfer.

It is also suitable as an event space for a variety of formats relating to digitalization, such as teaching events, lectures, training courses, creative workshops, exhibitions or conferences. In addition to smart TVs and an interactive whiteboard, a projector and state-of-the-art camera and sound technology are available so that hybrid event formats can also be held.

Interaction Lounge

The Interaction Lounge

The Interaction Lounge is designed as a comfortable meeting room with a cozy "lounge" character. The room can be used for informal discussions over a coffee or as a retreat for workshops.

The room is connected to the I³ via a large glass front, which can be darkened if necessary using a switchable window film, and can therefore also be used as an observation room for design thinking methods such as user experience or usability tests.

Inspiration Room

The Inspiration Room (27 sqm) is used to exhibit showcases such as prototypes, digital platforms, posters, roll-ups, etc. The room is also used for the preparation and creation of prototypes and showcases.

For this purpose, the Inspiration Room offers a workspace for manual parts of innovation methods such as design thinking, which are characterized above all by the use of tools. Tools, a 3D printer, VR equipment and other hardware for the implementation of innovative IT projects are available for this purpose.

Multifunctional rooms

Two multifunctional rooms with 18 square meters are available for meetings or undisturbed work in small groups. Both rooms can accommodate 6 people and are equipped with a large TV and modern video conferencing system.

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  • Fachhochschule Dortmund | Florian Freimuth