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User Innovation Center



Workshops & innovation management

The UIC offers various workshops on current digitalization topics and innovative software solutions.

Design Thinking

The design thinking method can be used to create innovative solutions for complex problems of the future. Design thinking is a collaborative creative process that focuses on the user. Under the motto "Ready today for the innovations of tomorrow", we will guide you through the design thinking process and show you the methods for developing innovative products and services.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the pioneers of digitalization and describes the global networking of physical objects from everyday life, e.g. wearables or the heating thermostat, for the purpose of data collection or automation. But how can this data be combined and put to good use? We provide an overview of current developments and technologies from the IoT and show you how you can develop highly scalable software architectures for modern web applications based on microservices and with domain-driven design methods.

Developing the strategies of the future together in workshops

Agile project management

Modern software solutions are becoming increasingly complex and usually require collaboration in small to medium-sized teams. While traditional project management methods reach their limits, agile project management enables the efficient, collaborative development of high-quality software that is tailored precisely to the respective requirements.

Digital check

Is your company equipped for the digital transformation? How digitized are your products? We analyze the IT landscape or products in your company and identify potential for improvement.

Open source software

Open source software is increasingly being used in public administration and industry. SMEs in particular, but also large companies and local authorities, can benefit from the many advantages. We give you an overview of the open source landscape and help you select a suitable technology stack.

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Feel free to contact us if you want to develop a product in the context of digital transformation, tackle challenges, try out methods, simply want to be informed or need premises for a workshop or company event.

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