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Concepts and tools for measuring, analyzing and optimizing the performance of edge services in the European cloud-edge continuum

About the project

EMULATE develops concepts and solutions for measuring, analyzing and optimizing the performance of edge services in the European cloud-edge continuum.

The increasing industrial use of applications with real-time processing capabilities such as autonomous driving, augmented reality, distributed management of smart grids or the control of unmanned aerial vehicles will make intensive use of processing power at the edge of existing communication networks. In other words, data will be processed close to its source and not in distant cloud data centers.

Edge computing has become a widely accepted concept over the last decade, encompassing both public commercial solutions and private customized solutions for specific requirements. However, potential users of applications with real-time quality of service requirements often lack appropriate tools to either assess the suitability of public edge service offerings or to plan, design and build their own customized edge computing solution.

EMULATE aims to provide two platforms that should be an integral part of such a toolbox:

  1. An emulation platform that makes it possible to create a virtual copy of an existing physical environment, for example of infrastructures, applications and events. Various deployment scenarios for the respective real-time application can be tested within this emulated environment.
  2. A diagnostic platform that analyzes existing physical and emulated infrastructures and provides meaningful performance metrics to assess their suitability for defined application requirements. It is used to measure and analyze quality of service for time-critical edge applications.

The EMULATE project is part of the IPCEI-CIS (standing for Important Project of Common European Interest - Next Generation Cloud Infrastructure).

The aim is to create a genuine multi-provider cloud-edge continuum that guarantees the seamless use of cloud and edge services. This continuum will be positioned under the brand name 8ra ("ORA" = continuum).

Collaboration with industry partners

Both contributed platforms are extensively tested together with partners from different industry segments such as telecommunications, automotive and embedded electronic systems.
The implementation and testing of these tools for the effective and efficient management of an edge service involves cutting-edge research in a variety of topics:

  • Modeling virtual computer systems and hypervisors, including graphics processing units, to accurately replicate their performance in emulated environments
  • Analyzing different networking solutions for different environments in terms of their impact on the end-to-end performance of edge services
  • Definition of new measurement approaches for performance diagnostics in black box systems
  • Application of artificial intelligence in the detection of performance patterns to identify bottlenecks in end-to-end systems
  • Identifying optimized resource allocation approaches for industrial and non-industrial applications

Project details

The project is divided into six work packages, which will be completed by the end of 2026:


Contact & Team

The "EMULATE" project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Business Studies and Climate Protection on the basis of a resolution of the German Bundestag, financed by the European Union - NextGenerationEU.

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