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Master application procedure for non-EU applicants

For master programmes you do not need to apply through uni-assist.

If you want to apply for a master programme with a NON-EU nationality you need to apply through our online portal.

The application deadline is January 15th for the summer semester and July 15th for the winter semester.

General application for our English taught master programmes:

For all our English taught master programmes the application procedure consists of two steps:

  1. pre-check through the department
  2. online application on our online portal after successful passing the pre-check. Starting in April, application deadline is July 15th

Embedded Systems for Mechatronics (ESM)

If you want to apply for Embedded Systems for Mechatronics please contact for a pre-check of your documents

European Master in Project Management (Euro MPM)

If you want to apply for European Master in Project management please contact for a pre-check of your documents For Euro MPM the department provides an application guide for our online application portal.

Master Digital Transformation (MDT)

If you want to apply for the Master Digital Transformation please contact for a pre-check of your documents.

Master Scenographic Design and Communication

Application for artistic creative aptitude: December 15th for start in summer semester or May 15th for start in winter semester --> letter of application incl. diploma and work sample to the Dean of faculty of design: Fachbereich Design Fachhochschule Dortmund Max-Ophülsplatz 2 D- 44137 Dortmund

For winter 2020 application documents can be send by email, please contact

Application for our German taught master programmes:

Please click on the following link to go to the online application (at the bottom right you can switch to English language):

to top of the siteto the bottom of the site

How to apply at our online portal:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You only actually applied once you pressed the button "submit application request" in the last step of the application!

1. Registration
Through this link you get to our “Hochschulportal”. Before you can start you application you have to register. Please click “Jetzt registrieren” (Register now) and enter your personal data. Please complete the process of registration by clicking “Registrieren” (Register) at the end of the page.

2. Verification of your account

After completing your data in the registration process you have to verify your account to unlock it. There are two ways to do it:

1. E-mail verification: After completing your data you will receive an e-mail with your user-ID. Please follow the link in this e-mail to unlock your account automatically.

2. Manual: If the link does not work for you, you can enter the code from the e-mail manually. Please choose the tab “Bewerbung” (application) in our online form and then “E-Mail-Verifikation” (e-mail verification). Enter the Code and press “OK”.

3. Login and starting the application process

Now you can login to our online portal (either in the top right corner or if you login for the first time in the middle of your display) with your user-ID from the verification e-mail and your chosen password(1.) At the front page the button “Bewerbung starten” (Start Application) appears now. Please click this button to start the application process.(2.)

It is only possible to apply for a certain semester. The semester, you can apply for will be preallocated and can’t be changed. Please click on “Bewerbung starten” (Start Application). Now please click on “Bewerbungsantrag hinzufügen” (Add Application). On the following pages please complete your data.

4. Handing in the online application

After completing your data you will get to an overview-page. Here you will be asked to check all data you just provided. To complete and send your online-application please scroll down to the bottom of the page. Here you have to confirm the correctness of the information you have given to us and then press “Antrag abgeben” (Submit application). Done!

Optional: Changing your data BEFORE submitting your application

You can change or correct your data during different stages of your application process but only until 15th January (for a summer semester)/ 15th July (for a winter semester).

If you already note your data being incorrect or incomplete BEFORE submitting your application, please click “Zurück zur Übersicht” (Back to overview) (1.) at the bottom of the page.

Here you click “Antrag bearbeiten” (Edit application) (2.). You will be directed to the original entry page of your application. After editing your data, please click til the end of the application form.

Optional: Changing your data AFTER submitting your application

If some of your data you have given to us during the application process change AFTER submitting your online application, we have to differ:

If some of your personal data changed afterwards (e.g. address), you can click on “Anschrift bearbeiten” (edit address), “Telefonnummer bearbeiten” (edit telephone-number) or “Mobiltelefonnummer bearbeiten” (edit mobile-number) at the right side column.

If any other given data changed, you have to withdraw you application. To withdraw please click “Antrag zurückziehen” (Withdraw application) in the upper part of the overview page. After withdrawing you can correct your data by clicking “Antrag bearbeiten” (edit application) and submit your application again afterwards.

Please note: You can only change your data until 15th January (for a summer semester)/ 15th July (for a winter semester). If you withdraw your application after that date, you will not participate in the further application process since you will not be able to submit another application with correct data again.

Optional: Adding a programme to your application

You can apply for more than one programme at the Fachhochschule Dortmund. If you want to add another programme to an existing application please click “Bewerbungsantrag hinzufügen” (Add application) on the overview page.

Optional: Removing a programme from your application
If you change your mind concerning your requested programmes until the end of the application deadline, you can remove a certain programme from your overall application. To do so please click “Antrag zurückziehen” (Withdraw application) at the overview page. Please make sure to choose the button for the correct programme.