Living in Dortmund

Living in Dortmund

The Ruhr area and Dortmund offer you affordable living and different accommodation types - you will find various dormitories and private apartments here. How can you find a room for a reasonable price? Where to apply? How to register in the city and what should you keep in mind? Read more

Emergency aid

During your studies, there might be an emergency situation and you might not find a way out by yourself. There are many contact points you can turn to and which can help you find a solution. There are also potential obstacles which you should pay attention to. Here, you will find all important information regarding and many helpful support offers. Read more .

Cost of living

In order to make sure that you have a good time and are able to live comfortably, you should have enough financial means to cover all your expenses. For helping you  plan your stay in Germany, we provide you with some examples of the expenses you might have as a student in Dortmund. Read more

Social counceling and support

With our consulting services, we are happy to assist you with all questions and uncertainties surrounding your life and studies in Dortmund. We organize information events, tutorials and conduct integration talks with all international undergraduate students in the second to third semester. You can contact us anytime! We are here to help! Read more

Leisure Language

Each semester, the International Office organises various excursions, information events and leisure time activities for the students of FH Dortmund at little or no cost. Take a look at our International Semester Programme and join our activities! Take your pick, there is something for everyone! Read more

Registration, working and residence permit

During your studies, there are many formalities and expenditures you should keep in mind. You should inform yourself in advance and plan these important things regarding your stay. For example, if you have questions about working or staying in Dortmund during or after your studies, regarding your residence permit or job and internship search - please check the helpful information we prepared for you. Read more