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The ERASMUS programme, one of the great success stories of the European Union, has been promoting cross-border mobility of students, university lecturers and university staff in Europe since 1987.

The European Union has adopted a new generation of programmes. In the future, the EU programme will combine the areas of education, training, youth and sport under the name "ERASMUS +". This generation started on 01.06.2014 and ends on 30.09.2021.

ERASMUS+ brings together existing EU programmes for lifelong learning, youth and sport, as well as European cooperation programs in higher education. The program contains three key actions:

Key Action 1 - Learning mobility of individuals

Key Action 2 - Cooperation to foster innovation and exchange best practices

Key Action 3 - Supporting policy reforms

Participating countries

The following European countries participate in ERASMUS:
The 29 EU countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Turkey as well as North Macedonia.

ERASMUS University Charter

Each higher education institution that wishes to participate in and / or apply for the EU's Education, Training, Youth and Sport 2014-2020 program (hereinafter referred to as "the program") must bear a valid ERASMUS Charter for Higher Education (ECHE). The European Commission awards the ECHE. It proves that a university meets all the requirements for successful participation in the ERASMUS+ program. The University of Applied Sciences Dortmund participates in the ERASMUS+ program with the university charter number 28737 and the code D DORTMUN02.

Funding conditions

Students, teaching staff and non-academic staff members must be citizens of one of the ERASMUS programme countries in order to participate in the programme. Students from non-EU countries can take part in the ERASMUS program if they are regularly enrolled at a German university and complete their entire studies there. Teaching staff and other staff members must  be employed at a German university in order to participate in the programme. For students, the maximum duration of funding per study cycle (BA / MA) is twelve months, which can be combined with at least two-month internships and / or at least three-month study visits. Please check the corresponding websites for funding details of the individual mobility measures.

Multiple funding within the framework of ERASMUS+

Previously, students were able to participate in the ERASMUS programme twice (1x SMS / 1 x SMP); with the beginning of ERASMUS+, multiple participation is possible:

  • Up to 12 months during the bachelor's programme;
  • Up to another 12 months during the master's programme
  • Up to another 12 months during the PhD Thesis.

Thus, theoretically up to a maximum of 36 months abroad are possible for all students. The periods can be individually distributed to SMS / SMP, provided the following minimum periods are respected:

  • An SMS stay must be at least 3 months;
  • a stay under SMP must last at least 2 months.

Examples: 2 x 5 months study abroad + 2 months internship abroad = 12 months of sponsorship; 9 months of internships abroad + 3 months of study abroad = 12 months of funding. The information on duration refers to the mobility period. The period, which is supported by a scholarship (grant period), may be shorter.
Students who have already been supported in previous programmes (ERASMUS / LEONARDO) can also participate in ERASMUS+ repeatedly. Previous stays will be credited according to their duration and study cycle.

ERASMUS+ scholarship: Tax information

ERASMUS+ grants are tax-exempt as mobility grants from public funds of the European Commission in the Federal Republic of Germany according to §3 Nr.44a EStG. In addition, grants from the EU ERASMUS program do not reduce the training allowances of Section 33a (2) EStG (judgment of 17.10.2001 [III R 3/01], Bundesfinanzhof in Munich). In principle, however, an ERASMUS scholarship must be reported both to the responsible tax office, to your child benefit fund and to your health insurance.

Study abroad for students (SMS)

Students of Fachhochschule Dortmund can take part in the ERASMUS+ exchange programme and study at European partner institutions, with which or university has an ERASMUS+ agreement with an according number of exchange places.

The ERASMUS+ scholarship contains exemption from study fees and a financial grant. You will find information on the application process for an ERASMUS+ funded study period abroad on this page.


Internships abroad for students (SMP)

The ERASMUS+ placement abroad offers an attractive and uncomplicated opportunity to complete an internship in other European countries and to receive a monthly grant. International internships between 60 and 360 days can be funded, regardless of whether they are compulsory internships or voluntary internships. Once an internship is available and the department agrees to the internship, FH Dortmund students can apply for a scholarship at the International Office.


Staff mobility

ERASMUS+ promotes guest lectureships at European partner universities, stays of foreign corporate staff at German universities as well as staff mobilities for training of university staff (teaching and administration) at European universities and companies.


Initiation and visiting trips

Visits to ERASMUS+ partner universities aiming at  preparing, supporting and evaluating mobility activities or initiating new ERASMUS+ partnerships can be supported by ERASMUS+ funds.


ERASMUS + worldwide

Since the winter semester 2017/18, it is now also possible at the FH Dortmund to promote mobility projects outside the ERASMUS+ programme countries, in the so-called ERASMUS+ partner countries.

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