Bachelor application procedure for non-EU applicants

You need to apply via uni-assist if
  • your school leaving certificate or higher education entrance qualification has not been acquired at a German school or
  • not at a school with German Abitur accreditation. Examples of school leaving certificates are Abitur, Matura, A-Level, High School Diploma, Baccalauréat and others.
  • The certificate of the Feststellungsprüfung (assessment test, university entrance examination) does not count as a German higher education entrance qulification! It is only valid in connection with the school leaving certificate/qualification for university study from your home country. 

Please inform yourself regarding the conditions for studying at Fachhochschule Dortmund well in advance (test of aptitude, pre-university work placement etc.).

Who does not need to apply via uni-assist?

You do not need to apply via uni-assist

  • if you want to apply for a Master's degree course: please check this link
  • if you want to apply for a higher semester in a bachelor- or master programme: please apply directly at the International Office,
  • if you gained your higher education entrance qualification at a German school or a school with German Abitur accreditation,
  • if you are from a Member State of the European Union or from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway*,
  • if you are from a Member State outside the European Union but your school leaving certificate is from a state within the European Union or from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway*,
  • if you live in Germany and you are not from a Member State of the European Union or from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway but one of your parents or your spouse is a member from these states and lives and works in Germany*,
  • if you are already a student of FH Dortmund and you want to change your study programme
  • if you already applied for a study programme at Fachhochschule Dortmund via uni-assist in the previous 4 years and uni-assist forwarded your application to FH Dortmund
  • if your school leaving certificate does not entitle you to study directly at a German university. In this case, if you want to study in North Rhine-Westphalia, please apply to the Ökumenische Studienkolleg Bochum (, preparatory course for engineering and science) or to the luso-brasilian Studienkolleg Mettingen (, preparatory courses for humanities, medicine and biological sciences, engineering and sciences, economics and business studies)

* Please note: application online at FH Dortmund. 

When do you need to apply via uni-assist?
For summer semester by January 15 and for the winter semester by JUNE 15 (starting in winter semester 2018).

Your online application and also other documents (see "What is a complete documentation?") have to be at uni-assist on the before named deadlines.We strongly recommend you to dispatch your documentation in April for winter semester and November for summer semester to allow time for queries.

Applicants, who want to learn German before the regular application, are not bound to any deadline.

How do you need to apply?
  • You apply online: Please note that Fachhochschule Dortmund does not offer main and minor subjects. You need to apply for courses (Studiengänge) only. If you apply for both, admissions restriction (Numerus clausus) and without NC, you have to apply at first for the restricted programme.
  • After finished online application please send your officially certified documents (only one, even if you apply for several uni-assist universities) with a confirmation about paying the application fee by post to:

    Fachhochschule Dortmund
    c/o uni-assist e. V.
    Geneststr. 5

    D-10829 Berlin

What is a "complete" documentation?
  • Printed and signed online application form
  • Certificate(s) awarded in your home country that entitle(s) you to study; in some countries it may also include an university entrance examination or proof of successfully passed years of studies. Certificates need to be submitted as officially certified copies in the original language as well as in an officially certified German translation if the originals are not in German or English. French documents have also to be translated in German or English. Translations will be accepted from a sworn translator and officially certified from the German embassy.
  • Proof of German language competence (TestDaF 16 points, DSH II or III, telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule (see separate information) or the last acquired German language certificate
  • Simple copy of your passport (with family name and first name, date of birth etc.)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • If you are from P.R. of China, Mongolia or Vietnam, you have also to submit one original of the APS certificate (Akademische Prüfstelle) from the German embassy in your home country
  • Proof of the payment of the application fee 

Missing documents have to be submitted within one week. Please note that all copies need to be officially certified. Acceptable legalization is from the authorities or notaries and abroad from ministries and German embassies or consulates. Please do not submit originals! Be aware that uni-assist cannot process incomplete documentations (with the exception of language and practical training certificates - these confirmations are necessary at the time of enrolment, not for application).

What does the application cost?
  • 75 € for the first university and 15 € for any additional university.

What happens after the application has been submitted?
  • After assessment of your documents uni-assist will inform you about the result. If all requirements are fulfilled you can apply for visa with the letter from uni-assist. Uni-assist will forward your application by electronic way to Fachhochschule Dortmund and Fachhochschule Dortmund confirm the entry of application, too. You will be informed about admission or rejection by e-mail; in the case of admission approximately in the middle of February or August, in case of rejection nearly in September or March.
  • Should you do not fulfill formal requirements, it is not possible to return your documents. You have to renew your application for the next possible semester and to pay the application fee once more.
  • Your data will be saved electronically for a period of four years. They are only available for your chosen universities. After that period the data will be destroyed.

Additional information and contact

Fachhochschule Dortmund

International Office

Sonnenstrasse 96

D-44139 Dortmund

Tel. 0049-231-9112-266



A chance to participate in a lottery for a place in a Bachelor’s degree course

If you have received a letter of rejection because of admission restrictions, or you did not meet the deadline, you may participate in a lottery (Losverfahren) which distributes free first-semester study places: