Faculty of Design

The Department of Design offers applicants the 7-semester Bachelor’s courses in communications design , photography, object and room design or film and sound as well as the Master's courses photographic studies, scenography and communication or film. All Study Programmes are geared to practical design and are determined by conceptual procedures ranging from draft production to the final realization of a project.

In professional practice, designers excel in displaying creativity and compelling design drafts. The diversity of this field of activity is reflected in all areas of print and electronic media, in public buildings or in the sector of exhibitions and trade fair construction, in photography or in the production of advertising, animation or motion pictures.

Students acquire high levels of competence in creative and conceptual thinking, confidence in preparing draft designs and accuracy and dexterity in executing their projects. Upon graduating, they are qualified to work in a team situation to develop design concepts in line with the specifications of commissioned projects and to bring these to the final production stage.

Unless otherwise stated, the language of instructions is German!

If you have proof of English proficiency on at least a B1 level, in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, an exchange semester will be possible. However, your German language skills need to be on the A2 Level and the faculty has to approve.

 Bachelor (B.A.)

Master (M.A.)

International Departmental Coordinator

name Prof. Dirk Gebhardt
room MOP 2 308

dirk.gebhardt @ fh-dortmund.de

Do not hesitate to contact your international coordinator  for issues regarding Learning Agreements, study programme content, modules, courses and possible introduction days at the faculty etc. He will gladly support you!

Exchange student can contact the support point for exchange students at the Faculty of Design as well: exchange.design@fh-dortmund.de