Confirmation of Arrival and Stay

  • Confirmation of Arrival

At the beginning of your stay you must bring a form from your university called "confirmation of arrival". This form must be signed by a responsible person at the International Office of FH Dortmund. Please bring the form with you to the enrolment or shortly afterwards. The confirmation of arrival cannot be issued pre-dated but only after you have enrolled. The day of the enrolment is the first day as an exchange student at our university and will be written on the confirmation of stay.

  • Confirmation of Stay

At the end of your stay as an Erasmus student you need the document which is called "confirmation of stay". This document is issued at your university  as well and signed by the International Office of FH Dortmund, e.g. by the institutional Erasmus coordinator of the International Office - you can contact Ms.Hösch or Ms. Wojciechowska. The confirmation of stay cannot be issued pre-dated but only after you have sat your last exam. The last day of your stay is the last exam at our university and only this date will be confirmed on the form. Therefore we kindly ask you to come to the International Office shortly after your last exam.