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Fachhochschule Dortmund


Checklists for EU applicants

Checklists for winter semester 2021/22

Below, you will find the checklists for all study programs offered at Fachhochschule Dortmund - University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

Please select the checklist for the study program you have been admitted to. You can open the checklist by clicking on the respective program.
Please also read the information on legal certifications (Amtliche Beglaubigung) at the bottom of this page.

Bachelor's programs
Master's programs
Architektur Betriebswirtschaft für New Public Management (MBA) - Integrated Campus and Distance Education
Betriebswirtschaft Biomedizinische Informationstechnik
Betriebswirtschaftliche Logistik Business Management (3/4 semesters)
Biomedizintechnik (practice semester or semester abroad) Creative Audio Director
Digitale Technologien (practice semester or semester abroad) Digital Transformation
Elektrotechnik (practice semester or semester abroad) Editorial Design
Energiewirtschaft (practice semester or semester abroad) Embedded Systems Engineering
Fahrzeugentwicklung Energiesysteme (full-time/part-time)
Film & Sound European Master in Project Management (IT)
Finance, Accounting, Controlling and Taxes - FACT European Master in Project Management (G3/G4)
Fotografie Fahrzeugentwicklung
Informatik Film
International Business Finance, Accounting, Controlling, Taxation (3/4 semesters)
International Business Management Finance, Accounting, Controlling, Taxation - Controlling & Digitalisierung
Kommunikationsdesign Fotografie - Photographic Studies (3 semesters)
Maschinenbau, continuing education program parallel to professional employment - Integrated Campus and Distance Education Fotografie - Photographic Studies (4 semesters)
Maschinenbau with practice semester Gebäudehüllen aus Metall
Medizinische Informatik (practice semester or semester abroad) Informatik
Medizinische Informatik (part-time studies for professionals) Informationstechnik (full-time/part-time)
Objekt- und Raumdesign International Finance, Accounting, Controlling, Taxation
Software- und Systemtechnik (part-time studies for professionals) International Management
Soziale Arbeit Internationales Projektingenieurwesen - MIP, Integrated Campus and Distance Education
Soziale Arbeit mit dem Schwerpunkt Migration, Integration (part-time studies for professionals) Maschinenbau
Versicherungswirtschaft (part-time studies for professionals) Medizinische Informatik
Wirtschaftsinformatik - Integrated Campus and Distance Education Ressource Architektur (part-time)
Wirtschaftsinformatik (practice semester or semester abroad) Soziale Arbeit: Jugend in Theorie und Praxis (part-time)
Soziale Nachhaltigkeit und demographischer Wandel
Szenographie und Kommunikation
Wirtschaftsinformatik (3 semesters)
Wirtschaftsinformatik (4 semesters)
Wirtschaftsinformatik - Integrated Campus and Distance Education

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