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Vacant study places

Vacant study places for the summer semester 2023

General information on the allocation of vacant study places

You can only be enrolled if there are remaining study places left and if you meet all of the admission requirements for your desired study program.

"International applicants" interested in a free study place, should also use the Study Portal(Opens in a new tab) . You do not have to apply via uni-assist if you are applying for available study places.

Please note: If you have acquired your university entrance qualification as  “vocationally qualified”, you can also apply for a remaining study place (only if you do not still have to take an aptitude test). You also have to apply via the study place portal. You can find additional information on the application for “vocationally qualified” and the requirements at Studieren ohne (Fach-) Abitur 

Please note the following for study programs at the Faculty of Design

Fachhochschule Dortmund does not offer the study program-related artistic-creative aptitude test (Eignungsfeststellung) anymore required for enrollment in the summer semester 2023 except for the master's program Editorial Design. For further information please visit the aptitude portal of the Faculty(Opens in a new tab) . Therefore, you can only enroll for the other master programs of the Faculty of Design if you have already passed the aptitude test at an earlier date.

Check list for the allocation of vacant study places

Please check the respective English Study Progam Catalog  in advance, to find out whether you meet the admission requirements for your desired program.

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