Academic Studies and International Affairs

International Office

International relations and international exchange belong today to the key tasks of modern universities. They play an important role in academic policies (initiatives for standards of excellence, accreditation procedures, internal evaluation, target agreements etc.).

The International Office offers a wide choice of services and information in all areas of international relations for students and staff but also for interested external persons.

The pillars of internationality and internationalisation are international students of FH Dortmund on one hand and German students who go abroad for an exchange semester or internship on the other hand.

  • Worldwide university cooperations
  • International strategy and fundamental issues
  • Studies and internship abroad
  • Different kind of funds, especially third-party funds
  • Study preparation, admission and enrolment for non-EU applicants (those married to EU citizens are equated with EU applicants and have to contact Office for Student Affairs)
  • study-accompanying measures, achievement-oriented scholarships, aliens law issues, exchange students

Office for Student Affairs

The Office for Student Affairs is a new concept, officially introduced at Fachhochschule Dortmund in July 2001. Based on the idea of providing “services from a single source”, it unites the previously separate registrar’s and examinations offices.

The Office for Student Affairs is in charge of all matters pertaining to study opportunities, admission requirements, application procedures, application, admission and enrolment for beginners and transfer students, auditors and cross-registered students. A student enrolled in Fachhochschule Dortmund will have a permanent contact person in the Office for Student Affairs, who takes care of the student from enrolment to withdrawal upon a successful completion of studies.

Student Counselling Service, Career Service and Career Exploration

The Student Counselling Service (SCS) provides information and advice on transfer from school to university as well as from university to employment. Prospective students will receive information on study opportunities, contents and structure of courses, admission requirements and application procedure. It will provide assistance on the decision what do study and in which field of profession (during the open office hours, by appointment or e-mail). The SCS provides consultation with individual problems related to studies. It coordinates the network of student counsellors from universities sharing knowledge and experience, and takes care of various projects.

Career Service is focussing on assistance to smooth the transfer from university to employment. It offers a number of seminars, workshops and training to achieve individual career steps and to deepen personal competence. It also assists in getting to know the professional and job market. Career Service offers diversified job listings and job references for students and gives them the opportunity to have their job application portfolio checked by professional HR consultants and to get into contact with employers.