Information from the Office for Student Affairs (Studienbüro)


An application for study must be made for all courses with admission restrictions.

Please note information on “application”.


Enrolment or matriculation is the admission as a student at a university.

Please note the information on “enrolment”.

After the successful processing of your enrolment documents in the Office for Student Affairs you will receive a certificate of enrolment as well as further information including the activation of your e-mail account. You are thus able to apply online for your FHCard and to print on your own your NRW-Ticket as well as your certificates of enrolment.

Enrolment renewal

If you want to continue your studies in the following semester, you must properly renew your enrolment within a certain period of time determined by the Rektorat.

The enrolment renewal for the winter semester 2020 / 2021 will be effective on receipt of payment of the semester contribution.

Enrolment renewal must be carried out between June 22, 2020 and August 09, 2020.

The semester contribution for the winter semester 2020 / 2021 amounts to € 314,38.

If you did not pay your semester contribution in time, a delayed enrolment renewal is possible by paying an administrative fee of € 10 by August 31,  2020.

In June 2020 you will receive a notice on your student e-mail account and on bulletin boards to carry out enrolment renewal. The exact amount can also be checked at Online Services for Students (ODS).

Please note

Due to the current situation, you may be able to apply for the student loan (Studienkredit) provided by the KfW Group.
As of 1 June 2020, this financial aid will temporarily also include international students.
You can find additional information at:

or at:


After enrolment the Studienbüro or International Office issues a temporary paper student identity certificate being valid for a limited time. For the manufacturing of the FHCard (ultimate student identity card) it is necessary to activate the ODS (Online Services for Students). The account for activation is included in the enrolment confirmation. It is possible to upload an identification photo for the FHCard through ODS. If no digital photo is available, a paper photo can be turned in at Sonnenstraße 96, Room A023, or at Sonnenstraße 100, Room 103.

In case of questions or problems such as loss of the FHCard please address to FHCard Support (e-mail:, Tel. 0231/9112-721).

In case of loss or damage a new FHCard will be issued upon payment of an administrative fee of € 10,00.


Students are obliged to pay a semester contribution upon enrolment or enrolment renewal. Printing of the semester ticket is possible, based on various safety measures, in a “ticket to print” procedure. This means that the SemesterTicket is available for self-printing through ODS (Online Services for Students).

After enrolment or enrolment renewal has become effective and logging on ODS has been made the SemesterTicket can be requested. Printing can be repeated at will. The SemesterTicket is only valid together with an ID card. Further information on the SemesterTicket is available in Hochschul-Wiki of the student union (AStA) at

Leave of absence

A leave of absence is to bridge semesters in which the student cannot or does not want to use the infrastructure of the Fachhochschule Dortmund. In return the semester contribution must only partially be paid.

Students who are on leave of absence because of a military or civil service, a serious illness or disease, a pregnancy or a study abroad, are exempt from paying the semester contribution. In case of a leave of absence for other reasons the contribution to the Studentenwerk must be paid.

Leave of absence semesters are not counted as regular semesters (Fachsemester). It is, however, necessary to have an ”important reason” for applying for a leave of absence. The reasons for an interruption of studies must be either study-related or because a regular attendance of classes is not possible.

Students will be granted a leave of absence on request, if he or she

  • will study at a university or language school abroad,
  • will begin a practical training as part of the course of study,
  • is unable to attend classes because of a serious illness or disease, and the illness/disease prevents the anticipated performance during the semester,
  • will assume military or civil service,
  • must take care of a husband or spouse, or a registered life partner or a first-degree relative or relative-in-law, if they are in need of care,
  • is pregnant or taking care of a child and cannot perform successfully,
  • is serving a sentence or
  • has other important reasons for a leave of absence. Important reasons are the absence on behalf of the university, the cooperation in a research project, cooperation in the parental firm, or a financial emergency. The Fachhochschule Dortmund will grant leave of absence in the two latter cases only if the student has shown a successful study performance so far, and an authorised professor will confirm a positive forecast for the continuation and completion of studies.

The application for a leave of absence must be made within the time limit of the enrolment renewal. Students on leave of absence cannot take examinations or performance tests. This is, however, not valid for the repetition of failed examinations or performance tests following a study or training abroad during which the student was on leave of absence, and - as of the summer semester 2009 – it does also not effect a leave of absence for the care and upbringing of a child, the care of a husband or spouse, a registered life partner or a first-degree relative or relative-in-law.


Health insurance for students

All students of the Fachhochschule Dortmund must have a compulsory health insurance. This obligation exists until the end of the 14th semester, but no longer than until the end of the semester in which the student reaches the age of 30.

For enrolment students must present a “confirmation of health insurance to be submitted to the university” from a social health insurance. A membership or insurance card cannot be accepted.

Students covered by a private health insurance must present a “confirmation of exemption from compulsory health insurance” (Befreiungsbescheinigung der gesetzlichen Krankenversicherung). In case you were not yet covered by compulsory health insurance, you will get this confirmation from the Allgemeine Ortskrankenkasse (AOK). If, however, you have been covered by compulsory health insurance before, your last insurance company will issue a confirmation of exemption. An insurance confirmation or the insurance card is not sufficient!

For enrolment renewal, an insurance confirmation is not required. If you transfer to another insurance company, the FH Dortmund needs the confirmation of the new insurance company (Krankenkasse). Please ask your insurance company on insurance contributions and nursing care insurance (Pflegeversicherung).

Withdrawal from studies

If you want to withdraw from studies at the FH Dortmund because you have completed your studies or do not want to continue, you must submit an “application for withdrawal from studies” (Exmatrikulation) to your contact person in the Office for Student Affairs. You will then receive a confirmation that you may later present to other institutions. The withdrawal will be effective on the date you request. HERE you will find a list of the contact persons.

A withdrawal will be effective at the end of the semester, if

  • the student has irrevocably failed an examination, or admission to an examination has been irrevocably rejected
  • the student did not renew his/her enrolment and is not on leave of absence
  • the student did not pay the fees and contributions
  • the student has received his/her degree certificate on completion of studies.

If the student wants to withdraw, he/she must deregister at his/her department (only students in architecture and information and electrical engineering) and the library. The department and/or the library will confirm the deregistration on the application for withdrawal.

In case you have already renewed your enrolment for the following semester and decided to withdraw, a complete refund of paid fees and contributions is only possible, if your application for withdrawal reaches the Office for Student Affairs before the start of classes.

Refund of fees and contributions on withdrawal from studies

The FH Dortmund will refund already paid fees and contributions on withdrawal from studies, if you fulfil the necessary requirements.

A refund of the full semester contribution can only be made if the withdrawal from studies will be requested before the lecture period has started.

Please submit your application for refund together with the appropriate documents to the Office for Student Affairs.

In case of a cancellation of enrolment before the start of the classes, the Fachhochschule Dortmund will refund the full amount of paid fees and contributions (see application for refund).

In case of a withdrawal from studies after the start of classes, the AStA will refund the proportional amount of the SemesterTicket (see application of refund-AStA).

Exception: In case of a withdrawal from studies by April 15 / October 15 resp. the social contribution to the Studentenwerk as well as the student union amount will be refunded (application for refund of the proportional semester contribution). For that purpose the admission letter and enrolment certificate of the new university must be submitted.

Transfer students

If you wish to transfer from another university to Fachhochschule Dortmund in an identical course of study or want to resume your former studies after an interruption, you have to apply for study in an advanced semester (Hochschulwechsler). If you have studied at a university in a different course of study, but want to get credit in order to continue study in an advanced semester, you must apply likewise.

The deadline for application to study in an advanced semester is March 15 for the summer semester and September 15 for the winter semester.

Please enclose the following documents:

  • Application form for advanced semester students
  • Recent official transcript of records, number of hours/credits and description of courses.

A possible credit transfer will only be effective after enrolment. There are admission restrictions in some courses of study, so that not every applicant may get admission, even in case of a high study performance. For further information please address to Mrs. Petschke (e-mail:

Accident insurance for students

Enrolled students are insured by law by the Unfallkasse Nordrhein-Westfalen. This insurance covers all activities that are within the organisational responsibility of the Fachhochschule Dortmund and the journey to and from the Fachhochschule Dortmund.

In case of accidents in relation with Fachhochschule Dortmund notice must be given immediately to the Studienbüro, Sonnenstraße 96, Room A 023, Mrs. Rümenapp-Nowak, Tel. 0231-9112-390 or by e-mail to

Further information is on the homepage of the Unfallkasse Nordrhein-Westfalen.