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Foreign Languages

Key Activities

The department of Foreign Languages at the FH Dortmund cooperates closely with the Auslandsgesellschaft Deutschland, which is located centrally in the main train station in Dortmund (Dortmunder Hauptbahnhof) where it offers an attractive variety of foreign languages. This exclusive relationship allows students of the FH Dortmund to take language classes (English and Spanish at various levels and German as a foreign language. In addition, there are a limited number of reserved spaces in the normal Auslandsgesellschaft Deutschland program, where the students of the FH Dortmund can choose language classes according to their demands, wishes and current abilities.


For the students of the FH Dortmund we have set the following goals:

  • To offer a wide spread variety of different languages, even "exotic" languages properly divided into different levels (according to present skills)
  • Due to the flexible times (intensives before the start of the term, classes during the semester, space contingent in the open class system of the Auslandsgesellschaft Deutschland) it is possible for the students to pick a language class at a time which suits them best.
  • Within the limits of the alloted space, the classes at the Auslandsgesellschaft Deutschland are free of charge.
  • To providethe chance to prepare for internationally acknowledged and certified language tests, which can also be taken at Auslandsgesellschaft Deutschland (the test fees have to be covered by the students themselves).


The present service offering is available via the link in the navigation list on the right hand side.

The present program of the Auslandsgesellschaft Deutschland is also linked into the navigation list on the right hand side. The current flyer with the overview of the all classes are available in January and August of each year at central locations in all buildings of the FH Dortmund.

Registration and certification

Language classes exclusively for students of the FH Dortmund: Registration is only available at the online service for students (ODS). Cut off dates are the 15th of
February and the 15th of August (for the intensives, before the terms) and the 1st of March and 1st of September (for language classes during the semester).

Language classes in the open system of the Auslandsgesellschaft Deutschland: Please sign up directly at the Auslandsgesellschaft Deutschland. Student cards are needed for registration. Cut off dates are always the beginning of January (for the spring term) and the beginning of August (for the autumn term) of each year. Please note: The semester dates of the Auslandsgesellschaft Deutschland run parallel to the school year, not the semester of the FH Dortmund.

Successful attendance will be certified with a certificate, which will include the score received on the final test.