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Further advice and coaching offers

Group Coaching: careers workshop

Supervised by a professional coach, the students can recapitulate their strategies and results so far, gather ideas and reflect on possible alternative courses of action. You will find further information on:

Careers Coaching: one-to-one consultation session with our external coach: Andrea Kaminski, M.A.

In the (one-to-one) consultation session students can address questions they do not want to discuss in a group, either because they are too specific or because they require confidentiality. Please arrange an appointment for Fridays from 12:30 to 18:00 hrs to ensure a binding time for a confidential coaching or consultation session. Please use the following e-mail address to arrange an appointment: You will find further information on:

“Professional 15-Minute Check-up for Your Application”

The “Professional Check-up” complements the two-day application and job interview training seminars offered several times per semester (including the possibility of a detailed 45-minute check of your folder by the lecturer).

The offer “Professional 15-Minute Check-up for Your Application” is provided as a cooperation of human resources representatives of companies or employers’ organisations or human resources service providers. These send one or two professionals from their HR departments to FH Dortmund for one afternoon to be available for one-to-one meetings with students from disciplines/course programmes which are employed in their respective organisation.

These meetings aim at giving students feedback on how the HR representatives would assess their folder from their own professional perspective. This could and indeed is meant to create the impression that everyone would assess the folder differently and would give different tips.

This offer is deliberately designed as a short check-up and is not meant to replace but to complement any application and job interview training.

Additionally, these meetings offer students the possibility to establish first contact with potential employers.

The Careers Service invites students to a “Professional 15-Minute Check-up for Your Application” by e-mail (about two weeks before the date).The offering organisation defines the exact target group; all students of the selected department will be contacted by e-mail.

The Careers Service approaches companies or employers’ organisations or human resources service providers in order to ensure that all students of FH Dortmund will have the opportunity for a check-up of their folders.

Registration for the folder check-up is required via ILIAS.