Tutorials for international students

The International Office offers tutorials for international students who have difficulties in certain areas of their studies.

How does it work?

  • Are you international student and have problems with one or more courses in your study programme?
  • Do you know more international students who also have the same problems and there is no matching tutorial?
  • Do you know a student who would like to help you with that course and offer a tutorial? - you must suggest a tutor to us!
  • Tutors will be financially compensated by the International Office
  • These courses can be established for a group of at least 5 students and at least half of the students need to be international students*.

The application for establishing „subject related tutorials for international students“ has to be filled in and submitted at the International Office personally.

*All international students who have obtained their university entrance certificate outside of Germany and who are staying in Germany with the purpose of studying are entitled to taking part in such a tutorial.


Students with good results who would like to offer tutorial for international students are encouraged to get in contact with the International Office as well. We are very happy about your engagement for international students at the FH Dortmund. You will be financially compensated by the International Office.