Theatre Dortmund for free for the students of FH Dortmund!

The University of Applied Sciences Dortmund and the Theatre Dortmund together provide cultural education: Thanks to a cooperation, our students can avail free of charge tickets for the Theatre Dortmund from all disciplines! It is an attractive opportunity especially for international students to get to know cultural life in Germany!

Since 2014 the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Dortmund has a special cooperation with Theatre Dortmund. With a so called “FH-Ticketstudents of the FH Dortmund can visit for free the productions from the repertoire of the Theatre Dortmund – this is just one of the joint projects.

The cooperation includes all fields of different spectacles: opera, ballet, concerts and theater plays as well as children's and youth theatre. As a student of FH Dortmund you can get up to 2 free tickets for each production from the repertoire of Theater Dortmund by showing your FH Card (student card). The FH Dortmund bears the costs for you!

It is a great opportunity for the international students to participate in the cultural life in Germany! The repertoire is really diverse and very interesting – take your pick, there is something for everyone!

More information (German only): FH-Ticket 

How to get the FH-Tickets for free? ↓

The conditions are:

  • Each student of FH Dortmund can get up to 2 tickets for each production, even if the second person is not enrolled at FH Dortmund. So at least 1 person has to be a student of the FH Dortmund.

  • FH card (student card) needs to be shown when picking up the tickets as well as during the ticket control at the on the evening of the performance.

  • The FH-Tickets can only be reserved and picked up at the daily box office of Opernhaus (Tageskasse at Opernhaus, subway station Stadtgarten) and at all evening box offices of the Theater Dortmund.

  • Free tickets cannot be ordered online.
  • The tickets can be reserved from the first day of the appearance of “Monatsleporello” – monthly leaflet (about 8 weeks before the performance) and must be picked up within 2 weeks afterwards at the daily box office. There is no claim to certain seats.

  • Special events are not part of this agreement, just the repertoire (which is huge!). Tickets for the premiere can only be picked up at the evening boxes (if available).

  • At some productions the quota of tickets might be limited.