Semester Contribution "Semesterbeitrag"

All students of Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts need to pay a semester contribution, so-called »Semesterbeitrag« of approximately 300 € for each semester.

  • The first contribution must be paid before the enrolment and a proof of it must be brought with to the enrolment.

  • Afterwards you will have to pay the semester contribution each semester and will be informed about it via email to your FH-email-address by the Office for Student Affairs/ Studienbüro - this process is called enrolment renewal and in German "Rückmeldung". You can also find the information about the amount which must be paid in your ODS.

Please have a look at the information of the Office for Student Affairs (Studienbüro) on issues like: enrolment renewal, leave of absence and semester ticket etc. More information on the semester contribution and its calculation can be found also on the website of the Office for Student Affairs (German only).

Payment ↓

The payment for the enrolment must be done before the enrolment - you must bring a confirmation of the payment to the enrolment with you!

We recommend you to pay the contribution fee in advance from your home country!!! Please note that additional costs may be incurred if you transfer the money from outside the country!!! Make sure that our University receives the full amount otherwise you will not be enrolled until the missing amount will be paid.

Cash payments can only be made at the banks (Banken/Sparkassen) – and not at International Office or Office for Student Affairs. Online banking is also accepted and please make use of it if possible.

Please use the following bank details to transfer the semester contribution to the university account.

Begünstigter (Account Holder) Fachhochschule Dortmund
IBAN DE51440501990001189883
Kreditinstitut (Bank Name) Sparkasse Dortmund
Betrag (Amount)
Can be checked on the website of Studienbüro/Office for Student Affairs here
Verwendungszweck (Intended Purpose)


  • for the enrollment renewal: your matriculation number (in case if you are already enrolled as a student and you want to do the enrolment renewal/ Rückmeldung)
    AND: your First Name and Last Name


  • your applicant number (in case you received your admission but are not enrolled yet, so only before enrollment)
    AND: your First Name and Last Name

More information on the semester contribution and its calculation can be found on the website of Studienbüro/ Office for Student Affairs here (German only).

Important to know for Exchange Students coming for longer than 1 semester ↓

In case you plan stay for 2 semesters please keep in mind that the contribution must be paid for each semester - you will be informed about the second payment (enrolment renewal) by the Office for Student Affairs which via email to you FH-email-address. Please pay it on time!

Important to know about the contribution fee ↓

This fee is not a tuition fee but a contribution towards our social facilities. It includes subsidised meal prices in all 10 cafeterias, free access to university libraries and a Semesterticket, the so-called »NRW-ticket«. The ticket allows the holder to travel free on public transport, including buses, underground, tram and local trains (2nd class) in North-Rhine Westphalia. It’s a great way of getting around and seeing the region.