Searching for a Job or an Internship?

If you are looking for a job - for example a so called “mini-job” (450€), a job as a student assistant, a part-time job during your studies or would like to do an internship, we have prepared some helpful information for you. You can use the websites and online portals listed below to find a suitable job in the NRW region or further away. Please note that most of them operate in German only.
You should also check the websites of the companies which are of interest for you as well as the offers in the newspapers or magazines.

The black boards are also helpful with your search. You can find them at the different faculties of our university (Sonnenstraße, Max-Ophüls-Platz or Emil-Figge-Straße - Campus Nord) and at the faculties of the TU Dortmund. The more options you use the greater are your chances to be successful!

Jobs announcements can also be found directly in the shops. Keep your eyes open and do not be afraid to ask!
Also in the magazines there are often interesting job and internship offers.
Be sure to take a look at the offer of our Career Service! Here you will get personal advice and support when planning your career and starting your first job: career coaching, information to specific industries or professional areas, individual application strategy, job search, feedback on your application folder, preparation for a job interview and salary negotiations and so on. They can also check your application documents so that you have better chances to be invited to an interview!

Further information can be found on the pages of the Career Service.

We keep our fingers crossed for you!

Job and Internship Offers by the FH Dortmund ↓
On the website (German only) of Career Service of FH Dortmund you will find Stellenmarkt (job market) with a great offer of various:
  • part-time jobs,
  • student assistant jobs,
  • student trainee offers,
  • offers for final theses,
  • internships
  • and many more!
There are also many offers for the graduates for your career start after finishing the studies. Take a look!
We recommend you to use the advice and coaching offers (in English) at the Careers Service for planning your career and starting the first job. You will get a lot of valuable information and hints there which will be very helpful while looking for a job or during the job interview. This is a great opportunity and a good way to be successful!

Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) - Branch-specific Job and Internship Portals ↓

On the websites of the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit, German  only: ) you will find helpful links to profession- und branch-specific job portals.

Here you will find different job and internship offers:

JOBBÖRSE - here you will find many different job offers - you can also search in English and other languages.

BERUFENET (German only)- offers advice on many different employment fields. More over you can find here many job offers for specific fields.

Have a good look - maybe you can find something of your interest there too!

Job placement

If you are in the final stage of your study programme and will graduate soon - you should definitely register as a job seeker with the Employment Agency Dortmund as they offer job placement service and can help you to find a suitable position. You should do it about 3 months in advance before you finish your studies. You can register via phone or personally (with appointment):

Agentur für Arbeit Dortmund
Steinstraße 39,
44147 Dortmund

Contact data, opening hours und phone number can be found here (German only).

After the registration you can use special online tools like LERNBÖRSEexklusiv - where you will find many different coachings, hints for job application, job interview, preparation for assessment centre and many more!

We can strongly recommend you to register with the Employment Agency!

Team for academic professions

The Employment Agency Dortmund has a special team for akademic professions which offers a very good advisory service for students and graduates. Here you will find their website (German only).
There have also weekly office hours at the Campus EFS where they can advice you regarding career entry:


Emil-Figge-Straße 68, Faculty Bio- und Chemieingenieurwesen, CTG 3,  Room 429, 4. Floor


Tuesdays and Thursdays 8.30 – 16:00 h
Focus: Study and career choice, change of study, alternatives, education and more!

There is no appointment necessary - use this opportunity!

International Job Portals and Job Offers in English Language ↓

There are also many international job portals which you should keep in mind and take into consideration while searching for a matching offer. The Federal employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) has prepared a great list of the most important ones. Maybe you will find your internship or a dream job after your studies?
Here is the link:


At JOBSTAIRS you will find many interesting job offers for students and graduates - also in English language, trainee positions and offers for young professionals.


This is an online platform where you can find many offers in English but also in other foreign languages!


EURES stands for EURopean Employment Services and is a cooperation network formed by public employment services. It is being coordinated by the EU and was set up to facilitate employment mobility among the member states. Eures maintains a great database of jobs - so it is worth to check for job offers within Germany and whole EU!


The Centre for International Migration and Development (CIM) is the competence centre for global labour mobility in the international cooperation activities of the German Government. CIM is interesting for graduates form German universities who want to go back to their home country and provide development help.

The possibilities are almost unlimited - use them for your personal job search!

Further External Job Portals (Mini Jobs etc.)↓

There are many different job portals with a lot of interesting offers. Maybe you can find some interesteing (student) job here? We have a little help for you:

Jobportal EDU (German only)

The portal was developed in cooperation with Studierendenwerk Essen-Duisburg and Jobsuma. This job portal offers students and graduates the opportunity to search quickly and effectively for current jobs, internships and traineeships in the western Ruhr Area/Ruhrgebiet (Essen, Duisburg, Mühlheim, Bottrop). The special feature of the job portal EDU is the combination of job market and job search tool. This gives users a much better overview and more job offers than with help of simple job portals. There is a jobmail feature that allows users to easily get the newest job offers sent via email.

Jobportal Bochum

This job portal (German only) was developed by Jobsuma in cooperation with Akafö Bochum and offers many jobs for students in Bochum and surroundings. Have a look there as well!

Of course there are many other job portals and providers with various offers which you can use as well! We cannot lost them all so please use respective websites and search engines.

Informative Events offered by the International Office ↓

International Office itself offers regularly informative events for international students, e.g. "Erfolgreich im Studium" (Successful in your study programme) or "Karrierestart in Deutschland" (Career start in Germany) - in cooperation with the Immigration Office of Dortmund (Bürgerdienste International), Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit), Referat Internationales of the TU Dortmund and other partners.

As a part of a cooparation with Wirtschaftsförderung Dortmund (Business development of the city of Dortmund) we give you once a year the unique opportunity to participate in a professional coaching for job and internship interviews.

We inform you about these events via email to your FH email address, on our websites as well as through flyers and posters. Please check your FH-emails regularly and visit our free informative events!

Make it in Germany: Guide to Working in Germany ↓
Germany has an interest in the immigration of skilled workers, students and scientists from all over the world. "Make it in Germany" is the official information portal for these target groups. On the page "Make it in Germany" you will find a lot of valuable and important information as well as a guidebook on "Working in Germany". The portal contains the essential information about e.g. job search, job application, employment contract, important foreigner and employment law regulations for international students, graduates and applicants, and much more. Here you will find all the necessary information from visa requirements to work permits, the recognition of foreign degrees and the most sought-after professions, to practical tips for a stay in Germany. This collection of links and information should make your start and stay in Germany much easier for you!

Alumniportal Deutschland ↓
If you are looking for a job with a German company, would you like to find out about career options or events for alumni the website Alumniportal Deutschland is a very good contact point for these issues.  Many Germany-Alumni have very good expert and language skills and are familiar with the German way of thinking and working. That is why they are of great interest for German companies and organisations worldwide. In the jobboard of Alumniportal Deutschland you will find long-term jobs and permanent positions as well as short-term jobs and assignments - most of them for graduates.

Jobs and Career Fairs ↓

Inform yourself about job and career fairs in the neighbouring cities or in the region. It is even worth to visit fairs in further regions of Germany. For some of them you must register to be able to participate. Job and career fairs give you the unique opportunity to get in touch with companies and maybe with your prospective employer!

  • Very well known is ABOLVENTENKONGRESS in Cologne - with about 300 companies and employers it is one of the bigest career fairs in Germany. Registration is necessary.

  • The KONAKTIVA is an annual student fair for company contacts which takes place at the Campus in Emil-Figge-Strasse.

  • The REALITY is a job fair for computer scientists

  • VDI Verein Deutscher Ingenieure e.V. (The Association of German Engineers) - offers also career and recruitment days for engineers. It is worth to register there!
    Career and recruitment days for engineer

  • In Alumniportal Deutschland you can find job offers for international greduates from German universities.

Inform yourself in advance and use the various possibilities!

"Karrierenavigator" offered by the Career Service at ILIAS ↓
With help of Karrierenavigator offered by the Career Service (German only) of FH Dortmund you will find many valuable information on career entry and work market orientation including:
  • Representations of professional images
  • Hints for creating an application folder
  • Recommendations on helpful literature regarding employment, applications and personnel selection procedures
  • Links to selected (subject-specific) job exchanges
  • Up-coming career fairs and company contacts and competitions
The Karrierenavigator  is available after logging into ILIAS in the service area of the Career Service.
Also very interesting is the video series "Hearts & Minds - Absolventinnen und Absolventen berichten" ("Hearts & Minds - Graduates report"). Here you will find out about graduates from the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences - how was their career started how the different stages of their career development were and how their workdays look today. In addition the interview partners give hints on applications in their working field. All videos can be found in the career careers of the Career Service.

CV/ Curriculum Vitae ↓
At Europass you will get many hints and information on how to create a good CV.
Our Career Service offers support and individual advice on that issue as well. Just contact the team and visit their courses to that specific topic.

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Immigration Office/ Residence Permit/ Blue Card - information for Students and for Graduates ↓
Do not forget that during your course of study you are allowed to work for 120 whole days or 240 half days per calendar year. More information on the topic working during your studies and working allowance can be found in the booklet on the right side and on our website. Information about residence permit for students can be found here.

If you have already graduate on the website of the International Office you can find more information on working after graduation and about the residence permit after finishing your studies as well as Blue Card EU.

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Knowledge of German Language and Other Foreign Languages
Keep in mind: Your chances of finding a job or internship in Germany are generally much better if you have a good knowledge of German (at least B2). Exceptions include large, multinational companies and scientific research institutes. Other foreign languages are also of a great importance. So please use the unique opportunity to acquire good language skills during your study programme - there are many possibilities to learn German and other languages during your studies at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts!