Scholarships and Finance, DAAD Award, Bank and Blocked Account, Job and Internship Search and More!

If you have received good results in your studies so far, you are socially engaged or are shortly before finishing your studies you can apply for a scholarship or a one-time grant. There are also different scholarships which you can find in the rich database of DAAD, mystipendium or Stipensiumlotse etc. Many students are searching for job or internship opportunities during the studies or afterwards. Here you will find many information on these issues which will help you to find a suitable funding or job!


International Bachelor students from developing countries of DAC-list can apply for a scholarship if they have achieved very good results during their studies.Read more about the conditions here.


Final Degree Scholarship for international students

International students who are dependent on financial support during their final phase of studies can apply for the final degree scholarship in order to facilitate the graduation.



The DAAD-award is a prize to honor international students with outstanding achievements and intercultural or social engagement at the FH Dortmund.


Scholarships Databases - Finding Scholarships and Funds

There are different scholarships you might qualify for if you e.g. have received very good achievements so far. Here you will receive more information on different scholarships databases.



Already enrolled students of the FH dortmund have the possibility to apply for "Deutschland- stipendium". More information on that issue can be found on the website to this funding (German only).


Searching for a job or an internship?

If you are looking for a job or an internship we have prepared some valuable information on how to find a suitable offer and much more!



Students who are in financial difficulties during their studies, are entitled to apply for an interest-free loan "DAKA Darlehen" from Studierendenwerk Dortmund. Please contact Studierendenwerk directly (the website is German only).


Financial Emergency Aids for International Students

There are important contact points which support international students in case of sudden financial difficulties.


Bank Account, Blocked Account and More

It can be helpful to open a bank account at a German bank institute to save fees transferring money from your home country. You will also need a proof of finance (e.g. a blocked account) to apply for your visa or residence permit later on. Here you  will find more information on that issue!


Refund of the Semester Ticket Payment

Under certain circumstances it is possible to get a refund of fees paid for the semester ticket. The possibilities and the application forms can be found on the pages of the AStA (German only) as well as of the Office for Student Affairs (Studienbüro).

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