Monthly Living Costs, Health Insurance, Semester Contribution, Public Broadcasting License Fees and Mobility in Dortmund and more

During your studies there are many expenditures you should keep in mind - semester contribution "Semesterbeitrag", accommodation, food, health insurance, broadcast license fees, mobile phone contract and some so on. Of course there is more to experience than just studying - our university, International Office and the city or Dortmund offer multitude of opportunities for leisure time activities. The region of North Rhine-Westphalia is worth to be explored with your student NRW-ticket. To make sure that you have a good time and are able to live comfortably you should have enough financial means to cover all your expenses. To help you plan your stay with us below is an example of the sort costs you might expect as a student in Dortmund.

Accommodation Costs

Information regarding accommo- dation costs during your stay in Dortmund can be found here!


Monthly Living Costs

You are not sure how much money do you need per month to live in Dortmund? Here you can find the answer!


Health Insurance

You need a valid health insurance if you are going to be studying in Germany. Some important information on that topic can be found here.


Semester Contribution "Semesterbeitrag"

All students at the Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts need to pay a semester contribution, so-called »Semesterbeitrag«. Here you will find some more information on that topic.



Everything you need to know about the public Semesterticket/ NRW-Ticket for public transportation can be found here!


Public Broadcasting License Fees

The public broadcasting license fees from ARD, ZDF and Deutschlandradio is compulsory and need to be paid by everyone living in Germany.


Proof of Finance: Bank Account & Blocked Account, Declaration of Commitment

It can be helpful to open a bank account at a German bank institute to save fees transferring money from your home country. You will also need a proof of finance to apply for your visa or residence permit later on. Here you will find more information on that issue!


Studying with Children

Für viele junge Eltern, stellt die Vereinbarkeit von Studium und Familie oft eine große Herausforderung dar. Die FH Dortmund unterstützt Studierende mit Kindern, das Studium und Kinderbetreuung miteinander zu vereinbaren.


Scholarships and Finance

There are some possibilities to apply for a scholarship, e.g. if you have received good results in your studies so far or registered your final Bachelor or Master thesis. You can find out more about sponsorship opportunities here!


Searching for a job or an internship?

If you are looking for a job or an internship we have prepared some valuable information on how to find a suitable offer and much more!


Financial Emergency Aids for International Students

There are important contact points which support international students in case of sudden financial difficulties.


Refund of the Semester Ticket Payment

Under certain circumstances it is possible to get a refund of fees paid for the semester Contribution or partial payment for the ticket. The possibilities and the application forms can be found on the pages of the AStA (German only) as well as of the Office for Student Affairs (Studienbüro).