Landlord Confirmation and Sublease Agreements

Since 1st November 2015 you need a written confirmation from a landlord or signed by an authorized person for your registration in the city.

This authorized person is usually the owner/proprietor/ Studierendenwerk/ the authorized janitor/caretaker, who confirms your exact date of moving in.

If you are living under a sublease agreement, you also need such a landlord confirmation. Because of that it is important to clarify if the person you are renting from is truly authorized to issue that confirmation.
In case you are planning a semester abroad or an internship within the course of your studies and are worried about paying the rent double  - you can always sublease your accommodation for that period of time, e.g. to our new students who struggle to find a suitable room or flat at the beginning. Please note that you must inform your landlord or your landlady that you are going for a semester abroad (or participating in an internship) and that you will sublease your room. You must sign a new contract with the new tenant for that particular period of time as well.

Sublease agreement in a dormitory of Studierendenwerk Dortmund

You are usually not allowed to sublease the rooms of the Studierendenwerk but there are some exceptions, e.g. when you make a semester abroad or an internship and want to sublease the room for that time. You can only do it with an official authorisation and a contract with Studierendenwerk Dortmund. Please inform yourself directly at Studierendenwerk regarding that issue. More information can be found at their websites (German only).

A failure to present the landlord confirmation at the Citizen Services can lead to serious problems! If you have any issues, we advise you to turn directly to the responsible authorities or the International Office!