Integration Talks

The International Office conducts individual integration talks with international students at the start of their second till third semester of their studies at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund (FH Dortmund).
This method has been chosen within the framework of the internationalisation strategy of the university to work towards the goal of helping international students at an early stage of their studies 

When do the Integration Talkes take place? ↓

The individual integration talks with international students always take place during the second till third semester of the chosen Bachelor programme at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund (FH Dortmund).

how to get an appointment for the personal Integration Talk? ↓

The invitation to the Integration Talk will be sent to each student via post and via email to the FH-email-address. The appointment must be confirmed or can be eventually changed.

How often do the Integration Talks take place? ↓

The Integration Talk takes place only once during the entire duration of the chosen study programme, always in the second till the latest third semester of the studies. For further advice, please contact the offer of the Social Advisory Team of your International Office. We are happy to assist and support you!

Will the Integration Talk be marked? ↓

Integration Talks will not be marked - they should help international students to get better orientation at the FH Dortmund and in Germany so that they can study better and graduate earlier.

What are the topics of the Integration Talks? ↓

As part of the relaxed personal conversation we will talk about personal previous experiences in terms of study course at the FH Dortmund, integration and the social environment. In addition students have the opportunity to identify issues with the integration, their study progress or in other areas. They can express their own wishes, suggestions, questions and also criticism regarding integration within the university and Germany in general. In case of problems with the integration, study organization or issues connected to study programme appropriate advisory services and offers can be shown or developed. The previous course of study and further study planning are also briefly discussed and tutorials for the processing of difficult course material can be established on the basis of these talks as well. Students will receive important and helpful information and hints for the studies and their integration at the university - e.g. about financing, health insurance, scholarships, aliens law, working in Germany, support and counselling services, leisure time activities, excursions and (informative) events for international students at the FH Dortmund and many more!

Integration Talks ans Amicus Funding ↓

IMPORTANT TO KNOW! Proof of participation in these talks is among other things a prerequisite to receive AMICUS-Scholarship for Bachelor students. You will receive the proof of participation in original form as well as a PDF by e-mail to your FH-email-address. Please keep the proof till the end of your studies at the FH Dortmund.

Take advantage of this opportunity, participate in your personal Integration Talk and get useful hints and information for studying and living at the FH Dortmund!