Short term accommodation

For a short stay or for the first nights, you can try hotels, hostels and privately rented rooms. You usually pay per night. Breakfast, towels and bedding are often included in the price.

If you would like to stay for several weeks or even months it is recommendable to ask the different landlords for possible special offers.

On your right side you we have prepared a PDF document with some useful addresses and web links to search for good and cheap short time accommodation "Short time accommodation - Where to look for?".

There are some general important things to know about the German housing market and some important regulations (e.g. public broadcasting fees or unfurnished apartments). Please check our websites for more information on that topic.


Caution!!! Fraud!!!

Please be cautious and do not pay any rents or deposits I advance, before your arrival and before you have spoken to the landlord and have signed the contract or at least seen the particular apartment. There have been some cases of fraud recently. The indication of a foreign IBAN is quite certainly a reference to fraudsters.

Affordable hostels in Dortmund and surroundings ↓

There are also affordable short time accommodation forms in Dortmund and surroundings which are good for the first days/ nights:

DJH Jugendherberge Dortmund
Jugendgästehaus Adolph Kolping

Silberstr. 24-26

44137 Dortmund

phone: +49 231/1400-74/75
e-mail: jgh-dortmund@djh-wl-de

A&O Dortmund Hauptbahnhof
Königswall 2
44137 Dortmund

phone: +49 231 22 68 86 - 43 00

DJH Jugendherberge Hagen
Eppenhauserstr. 65 a
58039 Hagen

phone: +49 2331/50254

Jugendherberge Bochum
Jugendgästehaus Bermuda3Eck
Humboldtstraße 59-63
44787 Bochum

phone: +49 234 4175799-0
fax: +49 234 4175799-9

There are of course many other affordable possibilities to spend first nights in Dortmund and surroundings - we cannot list them all!

Hotels in the surroundings of the FH Dortmund campuses ↓

In Dortmund and surroundings there are many hotels in which you can spend the first nights. There are so many hotels that we cannot list them all! Please check the different online booking portals where you can look for good hotels and various accommodation types (see above and on the right side). There are some hotels which are located within walking distance from the campuses of our university - just have a look and choose a suitable hotel for yourself!

Other possibilities and helpful websites ↓

There are many ways to find a short term apartment or a room. We have a PDF document for you "Short time accommodation - Where to look for?" which lists some websites where you can quickly browse for short term accommodation.

Of course, there are many more providers - we cannot list all pf them so browse the internet and ask your friends and relatives  where they have found their accommodation and if maybe they can recommend you any  flat or a free room!