Private dormitories

Beside the public dormitories of the Studierendenwerk Dortmund there are also dormitories which are private or clerical. The rooms here cost around 250 - 400 €. Please apply in advance since the waiting period can be up to 6 months!
The dormitories in Bochum are located near to the station (U-Bahn-Haltestelle) of U35, so you can reach the main station of Bochum very easliy and fast. From here you can take the S-Bahn directly to the Campus at Emil-Figge-Straße and you are quickly at the Fachhochschule using your student NRW - ticket!

There are some general important things to know about the German housing market and some important regulations (e.g. public broadcasting fees or unfurnished apartments). Please check our websites for more information on that topic.

Katholisches Studentenwerk Dortmund

Poppelsdorfer Straße 3-5
44139 Dortmund

Phone: Mo (8-12:30) :0231/126024
Tue- Fr (8-12:30): 0231/1848288

Propsteihof 10, Zimmer 336
44137 Dortmund



Wohnheim Krückenweg


Krückenweg 68
44137 Dortmund
Phone: Mo-Fr (7:45-16:00)
0231 9130134
Contact: Mr. Wenige

Privates Wohnheim in Dortmund Eichlinghofen

Contact: Mr. Bucks

Phone: 0172-2913858
Single apartments, unfurnished


WIHOGA On-Campus-Wohnheim 

Am Rombergpark 38-40

44225 Dortmund


Phone: 0231 7922070


Roncalli Haus Bochum

Laerheidestr. 28

44799 Bochum

Contact: Barbara Weiser

Phone: 0234/386-00


Papageienhaus Bochum

Markstraße 118/118a

44803 Bochum

Telefon: 0234/97647843



Wohnheim Westhoffstraße

Westhoffstr. 15
44791 Bochum

Rent and utilities currently cost € 360 per month for a whole apartment and € 190 for single rooms in a shared apartment.

Phone: 0234/ 9688240
Contact: Tanja Lichblau
Wohnheimverwaltung DMT-LB
Herner Str. 45
44787 Bochum


Wohnheim Martin-Luther-King-Haus
von „Evangelisch Freikirchlichem Förderungswerk e.V.“

Schlüterweg 2 - 4

44799 Bochum

Contact: Christine Rothe

Phone: 017621775187


Wohnheim Rosa-Parks-Haus
von „Evangelisch Freikirchlichem Förderungswerk e.V.“

Laerheidestr. 10

44799 Bochum

Contact: Christine Rothe

Phone: 017621775187


CampusLiving - Studenten-Apartments in SCI:Q

Paracelsuspark 1-3
59063 Hamm


Phone: 0231/5575200 und 02381/8764754
homepage and application: