Accommodation and Registration in Dortmund

Dortmund and surroundings offer you low priced living and different accommodation types - you will find here various dormitories and private apartments. How can you find a room for a reasonable price? Where to apply? How to register in the city and what should you keep in mind? Here you will find the answers!

Please note that the International Office does not have any accommodation service for the regularly enrolled students so you are in charge to find a suitable accommodation for the time of your studies!

However we gladly support you with our advice and information and prepared this site to help you with that issue.

Caution!!! Fraud!!!

Please be cautious and do not pay any rents or deposits I advance, before your arrival and before you have spoken to the landlord and have signed the contract or at least seen the particular apartment. There have been some cases of fraud recently. The indication of a foreign IBAN is quite certainly a reference to fraudsters.

Student Dormitories of the Studierendenwerk Dortmund

You would like to live with other students from Dortmund and you are searching for a suitable room? This link shows you all the needed information about our student-dormitory-offers.


Dormitories in Private Institutions

Beside the public dormitories of the “Studierendenwerk Dortmund” there are also dormitories which are private or clerical. If you are interested - here you will get more information on that topic.


Long Term Accommodation

If you  are looking for a long term accommodation but a student dormitory is not a good option for you then you should take a look at the private housing market. Apartment corporations and the private accommodation market offer attractive living options in and around Dortmund.

Shared Accommodation (Wohngemeinschaften - WGs)

In Germany many students share flats and live often in "Wohnge- meinschaften (WGs)". If you would like to live in a shared accommodation here are some hints on where and how to apply.


Short Time Accommodation

On this site you can find links to a number of hostels and some hotels in Dortmund and several portals where you can find private accommodation for the first nights as well.


Registration, Work and Residence Permit

After moving to Germany there are some important formalities at German administrative bodies, like e.g. registration with the city, which have to be organised. Here you will a lot of information on that issue.


Landlord Confirmation, Sublease Agreements

Since 1st November 2015 you need a written confirmation from a landlord or signed by an authorized person for your registration in the city.


Public Broadcasting License Fees

The public broadcasting license fees from ARD, ZDF and Deutschlandradio is compulsory and need to be paid by everyone living in Germany.


Things to Know and useful Hints

If you are searching for a room you have to keep your eyes open. Here are some tipps and tricks to help you.


Living Costs

During your studies there are many expenditures you should keep in mind. To make sure that you have a good time and are able to live comfortably you should have enough financial means to cover all your expences.


Opening a bank account

It can be helpful to open a bank account at a German bank institute to save fees transferring money from your home country. Find out how you can open a bank account in a few easy steps!