Would you like to learn German or other foreign languages?

The knowledge of the national language is usually a requirement for studying abroad if you want to do an exchange or work abroad. You should bring appropriate language skills so that you can get along well in your host country and study without any problems. Some universities offer their own language courses or cooperate with different partners and providers so that you can learn different languages.

If you plan to come to the University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Dortmund (FH Dortmund) it is important and useful to master the German language. At the FH Dortmund and in the surroundings there are numerous opportunities ​​to learn German and other foreign languages of your choice e.g. via a course from the Career Service. On this page you will find a variety of different providers for language courses. Of course there are more private schools you can also visit. Be curious and look for a suitable offer!

Keep in mind:
Your chances of finding a job or internship in Germany are generally much better if you have a good knowledge of German (at least B2). Exceptions include large, multinational companies and scientific research institutes. Other foreign languages are also of a great importance. So please use the unique opportunity to learn German and other foreign languages during your study programme!

Language Courses by the Career Service of FH Dortmund and Auslandsgesellschaft (free of charge for students of the FH Dortmund)↓

The department of Foreign Languages at the FH Dortmund - Career Service (Website German only) cooperates closely with the Auslandsgesellschaft Intercultural Academy gGmbH, which is located centrally behind the main train station in Dortmund (Dortmunder Hauptbahnhof, north side, next to the cinema CineStar). The Auslandsgesellschaft together with the Career Service offer an attractive variety of foreign languages and German courses for the students of FH Dortmund.

For FH students there are 2 possibilities to participate in German or other language courses for free :

1) Term-accompanying language classes

Career Service offers you English and Spanish at various levels and German B1 as a foreign language and also many other courses, which are offered exclusively for FH Dortmund students and are for free. Registration is only possible via the online service for students (ODS) after taking part in the placement test before the reistration (information on itand the possible dates can be found on the right side of the German website under "Einstufung"). Cut off dates are the 15th of February and the 15th of August. There is no registration possible to more than one language level! The whole course offer of Career Service can be found here (page is German only).

2) There is also limited number of charge-free seats in the normal Auslandsgesellschaft Deutschland programme - so called "Offenes Angebot" (open offer)

The offer of free seats is limited and reserved only for FH Dortmund students. Student cards (FH-Card) are needed for the personal registration.

The semester dates of the Auslandsgesellschaft Deutschland run parallel to the school year, not the semester of the FH Dortmund. Cut off dates are always the beginning of January (for the spring term) and the beginning of August (for the autumn term) of each year.

The registration for the courses starting from January-July is usually around the beginning of December, for the courses starting from August-December the registration is around the beginning of July. The exact date for the registration can be found on the websites of the Career Service here. You will be also informed by the Career Service via Email to your FH-email address.

Please sign up directly at the first registration day at the Auslandsgesellschaft and bring your FH card with you.  This charge-free offer fills up very quickly and is usually booked out on the first registration day, so check the websites regularly if you want to register and be there on the registration day! Afterwards when the seats are booked you can of course still register for the courses of the Auslandsgesellschaft but needs to pay the fees as explained below.

Registration is only possible after taking part in the placement test before the registration day (information on it and the possible dates can be found on the right side of the German website under "Einstufung").