Consulting Assistance

Students who cannot pay for a legal consultation may receive consulting assistance. This offers them the possibility to make use of a legal consultation outside a judicial procedure despite their low income and very few assets.

Preconditions ↓
  • You have a low income and only very few assets
  • A legal consultation is necessary
  • It is an issue of extrajudicial procedure

If legal proceeding has already been instituted, no consulting assistance can be granted anymore. In that case you might qualify for financial aid concerning the costs of the trial or the proceedings under certain circumstances.

Possible costs ↓

If the legal requirements and preconditions for the grant approval are met, the state covers the attorney’s fees or the fees of a different kind of legal consultant. You might be required to pay a fee of 15,00€.

How and where to you submit your application? ↓

An application can be submitted directly to your district court (usually at your place of residence). In case your consultation assistance is granted, you receive the certificate immediately. If you live in Dortmund, the District Court of Dortmund (Amtsgericht Dortmund) is responsible for you.

What do you need to bring when you are applying? ↓

If you are applying orally at your district court, please bring the following documents:

  • A valid form of identity card or your passport
  • Evidence of the issues (i.e. correspondence, contracts, notifications)
  • Proof of your financial situation (i.e. wage statement, certificate of social welfare, bank account statements from the last four weeks)

If you apply in written form, please use the printable form „Antrag auf Beratungshilfe“ and add the documents listed above.

Where do you find the Amtsgericht Dortmund (District Court of Dortmund)? ↓

Amtsgericht Dortmund
Gerichtsstraße 22
44135 Dortmund

Arrival by train ↓

The station „Ostentor“ is close to the District Court of Dortmund and the Regional Court.

It can be reached from the central station “Dortmund Hbf” by taking the subway (U-Bahn) U41, U45, U47 or U49 to “Dortmund Kampstraße”. There you need to change onto subway U43 to “Brackel/Wickede“ and get off at “Ostentor”.