Checks of Final Theses for International Students at the Faculty of Computer Science

At the Faculty of Computer Sciences special team checks projects, Bachelor and Master Theses of students in regards to spelling, grammar and citation. Furthermore the team provides help with the design and structure of the thesis.

This offer is particularly addressed to (international) students of Computer Science! Depending on the workload and the time theses of German students are accepted for checking as well.

Ideally the thesis should be submitted one chapter at a time and as a Word document, so that students may apply the help while still in the writing process. Depending on the current workload it might take some time to do a full check. We ask you to please turn in your thesis four weeks before the due date and to keep that time frame in mind.

Further details, office hours and requirements can be found on the website of the Faculty as well as in the flyer (both German only).