Opening of a Bank Account and Proof of Finance: Blocked Account and Declaration of Commitment

You should consider opening a bank account (current account) at a German bank institute to save expensive fees transferring money from your home country and be able to  pay in Germany. Having a German bank account is important, for example if you want to rent a room in one of the student dormitories, as the rent is collected from there monthly (via direct debit) or to get a valid health insurance.
We recommend you to make an appointment - via email or telephone in order not to wait to long. However you can also go during the opening hours without any appointment.
Please inform yourself in advance which banks offer free or cheap accounts for students. It is also useful to open a bank account in a bank that has many ATMs in the city you live in and in other cities in Germany, so you can easily withdraw money anywhere and at anytime you need it. Most institutions have branches spread all over the city and offer you the opportunity to withdraw money from your account at all times.

Furthermore most German banks are joined together in groups so that you can also use the ATM at a partner bank branch without having to pay fees. Paying with your bankcard is possible in most shops if you reach a certain amount, usually between 5€ and 20€, and is free of charge.
For opening a current bank account in Dortmund you will need the following documents:
  • a certificate of registration in the city of Dortmund (you will receive  confirmation after your registration in at the Bürgerdienste/Citizen Services),
  • valid residential address in Dortmund as well as a renting contract,
  • your national identity card/ visa/ residence permit - please make a copy of it as well 
  • a certificate of enrolment (Studienbescheinigung) from the Fachhochschule Dortmund - it can be printed via ODS when you are already enrolled as a student at our university. In case you do not have any possibility to print in by yourself do not hesitate to contact the Social Advisory Service at the International Office - we will gladly help you during our office hours

Please keep in mind that a current bank account is not sufficient as a proof of finance - you either need a blocked account, a scholarship or a declaration of commitment as explained below.

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Proof of Finance for Visa/ Residence Permit: Blocked Account ↓
  • How to open a blocked account in your home country and in Germany
In order to apply for an entry visa or a residence permit for Germany or extend your residence permit, you need a proof of financing. This is to prove that you have sufficient funds to finance your stay in Germany. The exact amount can be asked at the Embassy. You must prove that you have the financial means equivalent to the maximum amount of BAföG available. This can be evidenced e.g. by a declaration of commitment, a recognized scholarship or a security payments in a blocked account in Germany. You can read more about blocked account on the website of "study-in-germany" and DAAD.

  1. Where can you open a blocked account?

    You can open a blocked account online from your home country or personally when you are already in Germany. If you want to open a blocked account online from your home country you can do it, e.g. with Deutsche Bank, Fintiba, on the Coracle website or the x-patrio website. These banks are recommended at the moment on the website "study-in-germany".

  2. How can you open a blocked account online?

    Here an example how it works with the Deutsche Bank (however the procedure with different banks is usually very alike):

    First you can request the necessary documents for opening a blocked account via email and you will receive them back per email. Then you have to sign the filled out forms and submit them, as well as a copy of your passport in the General Consulate/Embassy. Afterwards this you send the filled and certified forms to:

    Deutsche Bank Privat- und Geschäftskunden AG
    Spezialservice Ausländische Studenten
    Alter Wall 53
    20457 Hamburg

    The above mentioned office in Hamburg arranges the opening of an account with the office of the future residence and informs you directly, without intervention of the General Consulate, by post and parallel by email about the account number, BLZ and IBAN of the opened account. Finally you transfer the necessary amount to the furnished account and prove this to the German Embassy/Consulate in your home country.

  3. How can you open a blocked account in Germany?

    If you have not set up the blocked account in your home country for your stay at Fachhochschule Dortmund, you can do it as well in Germany, e.g. at any of the banks mentioned above or at the Sparkasse. For this you will need the following documents:

    • A valid passport
    • Visa/residence permit
    • Registration confirmation issued by the city of Dortmund (Bürgerdienste International - International Citizen Services)
    • Current certificate of enrolment (Studienbescheinigung)
    • Letter from the City of Dortmund that a blocked account should be open (this can be obtained at the registration with the Bürgerdienste International - ask at registration for this document)
    • It is recommended to make an appointment with the bank or you should bring enough waiting time
    • Eventually you will also need further forms, such as an account application from the bank itself

  4. How high is the amount of money needed for a blocked account?

    Currently as a proof of finance you need at least 853€/month for 12 months so 10236 € for a year on your blocked account.

    If your blocked account is only covered with the requested minimum amount of 10236 € for a year there is a limit of 853 € per month for the withdrawal of money. This means you will only be allowed to get 853 € per month. But on time of arrival (in addition to rental, registration and living costs etc.) you also need to pay semester contribution to enroll at the University. Also please remember that you will have to pay these additional costs every new semester and therefore need to have enough money on your account.

    You can always check the current ammount either on the the website "study-in-germany" or DAAD.

For further information about the blocked account, please contact directly to the relevant bank or ask your International Office for details. We will be glad to help you! Please inform yourself using the helpful websites of "study-in-germany" or DAAD as well.

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Proof of Finance for Visa/ Residence Permit: Declaration of Commitment (Verpflichtungserklärung) ↓
  • Declaration of Commitment
As an alternative to the blocked account you can also submit a declaration of commitment (for example from your parents) to the Immigration Office (Bürgerdienste International in Dortmund). However it is important to emphasize that the foreigners authority will check whether you actually get enough and regularly the needed amount of money from the person who signed the declaration.

At the latest when you want to extend the residence permit you will have to submit the bank statements for the last few months (usually 3 months) which prove that you have received regularly bank transfers.

Please note as well that not every Immigration Office accepts a declaration of commitment and that in some cities you may have to open a blocked account as a proof of finance! Please inform yourself at the particular authority. You will find more information about the declaration of commitment on the websites of "study-in-germany" or DAAD as well.