Accommodation Costs and Important Things to Know

Source: i-graduate, International Student Barometer (ISB, Autumn 2016)

The accommodation costs for the rooms in a dormitory or in a  private apartment in Dortmund and surroundings range at the moment from 200€ to 500€.
The survey International Student Barometer (ISB) proves that almost the half of our international students pay about 200 - 300€ for the accommodation in a month (diagram on the left side)!

This is really  affordable in comparison to other cities in Germany!
If you want to rent a bigger flat than the costs are of course higher. Furnished rooms or apartments are more expensive as well and are not that popular in Germany.


In case you rent an unfurnished apartment or a room you can buy pretty cheap used furniture in good condition very easily in Germany - online or in second-hand shops. Often you can buy the furniture also from the former tenant. Just ask for it and do not hesitate to negotiate the price.

Please do not forget that in case of renting a private accommodation beside the rent you have to pay other costs as well - for electricity, water and heating costs, rubbish collection, public broadcasting fees etc. Please check our website on general living costs in Germany as well.
There are some general important things to know about the German housing market and some important regulations. Please check our websites for more information on that topic.
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Caution!!! Fraud!!!

Please be cautious and do not pay any rents or deposits I advance, before your arrival and before you have spoken to the landlord and have signed the contract or at least seen the particular apartment. There have been some cases of fraud recently. The indication of a foreign IBAN is quite certainly a reference to fraudsters.

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Important to know:

Please note that the Fachhochschule Dortmund/ Dortmund University of Applied Sciences does not provide any pick-up service on your arrival day.
The Fachhochschule Dortmund does not own any housing facilities and cannot offer any accommodation service for the degree-seeking students (only exception: exchange Erasmus students).
Prospective students are obliged to find a suitable accommodation for the time of their studies by themselves.
Please check the websites of the International Office to find appropriate accommodation. Our booklet on the right side and our informative website about accommodation with lot of hints and links will help you to find a suitable accommodation. You can pick up a print booklet in our office as well.
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