Leisure Time Activities, Excursions, Events, Sports, Theatre, Language Courses and more!

The International Office organises each semester different excursions, information events and leisure time activities for the students of FH Dortmund at little or no cost. Our university itself, the city of Dortmund and the Ruhr Area (Ruhrgebiet) itself offer a wide range of exciting leisure time activities too.

Take a look at our International Semester Programme which you can find on the right side and join our activities! Take your pick, there is something for everyone!

InterKulTreff (monthly events)

InterKulTreff is our monthly meeting point for all students who want to  get to know other students, want to learn about other cultures or just like to do fun excursions and activities together!


International Culture Café (IKC) and Fest der Kulturen/ Festival of Cultures (1-2 times in semester)

IKC is our multicultural evening where many international students from FH and TU Dortmund present their cultures by hosting a great party with international live music, shows, performances, informative booths, delicious international food and more! It is always an exciting and varied evening full of fun and surprises! Join us!


Seniorenpatenschaften/ Senior Mentoring Programme for International Master Students

We have a great offer for international Masterstudents from the FH Dortmund who would like to get more contact to Germans and German families - the Senior Mentoring Programme in cooperation with the Referat Internationales and Senior Students of the TU Dortmund! Come and join us!



The International Office offers each semester exciting excursions as a part of our semester programme e.g. a trip Berlin. Come with us!


Picture Gallery

Here you will find the photo gallery of various events offered by the International Office in our international semester programme - such as InterKulTreff, IKC, excursions, cooking courses and other events etc. The gallery is available in German language only. Photos of past events can be found here!

German and Foreign Language Courses

Here you can find a lot of information on various possibilities of learning German or other foreign languages during your study time at the Fachhochschule Dortmund.


Sprachcafé (Language Café) Talk & More

Have you always wanted to learn a new language or practice the one you already know but you just can not find a right place or the right conversation partner? Do you command a language that you would like to talk and share? Then you are just right at the Sprachcafé (Language Café) Talk & More offered by AStA of FH Dortmund!


Career Service of the FH Dortmund

The Career Service offers you counseling, workshops and courses which facilitate the transition into vocation. As a student at the FH Dortmund you can learn foreign languages ​​and acquire IT skills, expand your writing competencies, make contacts with potential employers and use the consultancy and coaching services. Take advantage of the wide range of the Career Service - it is at no costs!


University Sports (Hochschulsport)

For only 15€ students of FH Dortmund and TU Dortmund can get a sports card for the whole semester and take part in a selection of more than 60 kinds of sports offered by the sports association (Allgemeiner Hochschulsport).


Theatre Dortmund for free!

With a so called “FH-Ticket” all students of the FH Dortmund can visit Theatre Dortmund for free. Further information can be found here!


Information about the Region, Leisure Time Activities, Tourist Attractions and Cycling Routes in the NRW-Region

The city of Dortmund and the region of NRW offers you many opportunities to spent your leisure time! Here you will find some hints and places to visit.


Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Dortmund

ESN Dortmund is the local section of the Erasmus Student Network (ESN) organised by students and alumni of the FH and TU Dortmund which aims to help, support and integrate exchange students during their time in Dortmund. ESN organises excursions, weekly meetings and many leisure time activities.


Studying with Children

For many young parents the reconciliation of study and family is often a challenge with many obstacles. FH Dortmund supports students with children  reconcile studying and childcare. There are also leisure time activities for studying parents.


STUBE - Study Accompanying Programme Westfalen

The study accompanying programme Westfalen (Studienbegleitprogramm - STUBE) offers interdisciplinary weekend seminars, daily events and holiday academies as cross-disciplinary, further education development course for foreign students. The participation and the success are certified. Browse through the programme (German only)!


Programme offered by the Evangelische Studierenden-Gemeinde Dortmund (ESG)

ESG offers a broad and varied semester programme. Browse through and join the events - so you can meet new friends, improve your language skills and learn a lot about Germany and German culture!


Events offered by the Katholische Hochschulgemeinde (KHG)

The Katholische Hochschul- gemeinde (KHG) offers numerous events for students. You will learn here a lot about the region and German culture, meet interesting people, make friends and improve your language skills!